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How do I order a child ticket (11 and under)?

edited July 2017 in Football

Hi guys - I'd like to bring my 5 yr old son to a home game this season.

I've been looking at the ordering process for upcoming games but can't see an option for reserving a ticket for him.

I choose 2 seats in the Origin Family Stand but there's no "Child" option to select, only "Junior Advanced" for £5.

Maybe I'm being thick, but I'd appreciate any advice on how to do this?

Many thanks.


  • Can't help you with your main problem, but I do know under 11's go free in the Family Stand, so no need to pay £5.

  • Thanks Jonny - I thought that was the case. I assume it's not a case of booking 1 adult ticket for me and just turning up with my son on the day. The club must need to know about the number of under 11's attending in advance and assign them a seat. Can't find any info on the site about the process though.

  • I'd call the ticket office on 01494 441118 and have a chat with them. I've always found them to be very helpful.

  • Thanks Cyclops - I think I'll do that. Looks like they're only open on match days though so will just have to wait for now.

    If anyone else can answer in the meantime, would be much appreciated.

  • Office will be open, ask for Lilly or Richard in the ticket office, they are amazingly helpful and no doubt sort the issue there and then.

  • You can only book over the phone as they need to check the child's DOB to verify they are under 11.

  • That slightly lacks the ring of truth, @shimmeringleonknight . If one can be counted on to vouch for the dob for one's over 11 but under 18 children, it would seem odd for special verification to be needed for under 11's.

    Anyway, I'd give them a ring if you haven't already, @BoredReport . Think there may be a misprint on the the website about when they're open...

  • no idea why, just speaking from personal experience when getting tickets last season (when u7s were free). maybe the fact they are free requires special verification.

  • Bloody kids getting in free! They get pocket money and everything...what is the club thinking???

  • I blame central heating. No chimneys to send the little blighters up now.

  • Thanks @EwanHoosaami . I'll give them a call tomorrow.

    Thanks everyone. I can understand the need to verify D.O.B if they're getting in free.

    I'll post an update in case the same query comes up again in future.

    I have to say, as a newcomer, I'm impressed with how active (and helpful) this forum is. I wasn't expecting to get some many quick responses!

  • Housekeeping issues aside, wait until the season starts @BoredReport you'll find there are a lot of quick responses on the old Gasroom...but they may be far less helpful!

  • There are issues in ticketing at the moment according to the man who answered today when apologising for long wait on hold.maybe give them a call next week

  • I'm intrigued. What verification can be made over the phone but not > @Wendoverman said:

    Housekeeping issues aside, wait until the season starts BoredReport you'll find there are a lot of quick responses on the old Gasroom...but they may be far less helpful!

    Welcome aboard @BoredReport. I trust that, when he refers to "the old Gasroom",
    @Wendoverman is actually referring to Gasroom 2 (this one) in a "chummy" way.
    As far as I know, the old Gasroom is defunct.

  • Please ignore the first sentence of my post above. Second time in 24 hours that a phrase deleted from the Comment box has re-appeared. The advice on this topic didn't work, I'm afraid.

  • The "old Gasroom" ( is alive and well as a fountain of information, just not as a banter board

  • @micra correct old micra...I was preparing @BoredReport for his future on the old Gasroom....not the Old Gasroom.

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