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Anyone heard any rumours about Northampton looking at another of "our" Defenders?

I hear a rumor from someone within the club they have not only signed Pierre but are also looking at another of our defenders. In their words "They have another of our defenders down there at the moment" this was in casual conversation so I didn't pry any more but thought it was strange. My first thought was Stewart, but he is injured isn't he?


  • Can't see it being WDH or Muller. Danny Rowe or any of the full backs seems almost equally unlikely. First thought would be Stewart.

  • JJ is good enough for League 1, comfortably

  • I agree, have the club stated that Stewart is injured? He wasn't playing last night so presumed he is.

  • @GVP44 Ainsworth said Stewart has rolled his ankle.

  • JJ and Stewart both good enough for League one. Worryingly. But if the Cobblers are a potential financial shambles...might not be the best move.

  • They are no longer in any financial trouble, quite the reverse, as a chinese consortium has become the majority shareholder.

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    Thanks @mooneyman. So they have one Wycombe defender and a half an hour later they feel like another one?
    (I'll get me coat...)

  • Do they think they're Barnsley or something

  • It's probably tosh. But both players are contracted for another year anyway.

  • Where's the comedy klaxon when you need it....?

  • Yes, @drcongo 1970s comedy is not dead yet

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