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Season ticket squeaky bum time

I may have missed something but should I be concerned about the non-appearance of me and Her Indoors' season tickets? The electronic invoice states 'collect at box office'. Is that a thing now?


  • You can collect on Tuesday before Wimbledon game. Any not collected will be posted out from Wednesday

  • Please, please collect and save postage costs. At current rates, we could be talking in excess of £1,000.

    I'm not a great fan of pre-season Friendlies but it's an opportunity to run the rule over new signing(s?) and likely line-ups/formations. Plus there is always a slight edge when we play AFC Wimbledon.

  • Hate pre season friendlies with a passion. Would the ready Monday does.anyone know? Will happily collect as I have.some spare time then.

  • You can collect your season ticket during office hours on Monday or Tuesday. As stated by @micra all collections help save on postage costs.

  • Righty ho, Womanboobs, as I like to call her, and I will be in attendance on Tuesday PM. Although I can assure any new signings that I shall not be running any kind of measuring instrument over them. I leave that sort of shenanigans to the egg chasing fraternity.

  • Oh and can I request that any postage savings are used to ensure a consistent supply of 'beefy drink' in the Frank Adams this season? It was in short supply last year.

  • Picked up my season ticket Friday, no problem at all, so they're definitely ready.

  • Just to let everyone know I have paid £1.50 to have mine posted out, no doubt it will be sent 2nd class like last year so I think we're actually making a small profit on them as I'm pretty sure it doesn't cost £1.50 for a second class stamp

  • But it doesn't take zero time for someone to arrange it for postage and frank/ stamp it. There's your profit gone, plus the person doing that job doesn't get to do something else more productive.

  • It certainly doesn't! I wasn't aware that the club was charging P&P. We live and learn. I will be passing the ground tomorrow so will pop in and collect mine and a friend's. Saving us money and depriving the club as it were!

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