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Massive Congratulations to Matt Bloomfield

It gives us great pleasure to announce on behalf of @B10OMFIELD that Matt & Madeleine became the proud parents of Mollie Rose this morning.

— Wycombe Wanderers FC (@wwfcofficial) March 31, 2015


  • That's nice news for a change.

  • Congrats Mr Wycombe! Mollie Rose indeed. Lovely name, great bloke. Well done sir.

  • Congratulations Matt! Not so sure it's good news for us - performance levels tend to drop with all those sleepless nights...

  • I'm sure there were sleepless nights to make the baby, Bluebottle... Congrats Matt!

  • But that would have been during the close season. Dedicated professional is Matt! But yes, many congrats and he'll get by on adrenalin for the next 5 weeks so don't worry (unless we get to the play offs - he'll be well knackered by then)

  • I would imagine he would be saying 'sorry, can't come home now gaffer has me on shooting practise this afternoon'. Then he can have a nice nap in the treatment room will Matt McClure is being looked after.
    Big congrats anyhow.

  • I remember the same thing happening to Dannie Bulman and he played like a complete toilet the next game.. and for several after.

  • Huge congratulations to the Bloomfields on their fantastic news

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