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West Country blues

Hi all,exiled chairboy here living in the West Country followed the blues since I was 13 (51 now!) just wondering if there are any more chairboys in this area would be good to feel like I'm not the only one!



  • Alright me 'andsome.

  • All the rovers fans down here are still bitter about us,like I said to them get over it your always in the red shadow!

  • You're not the only one as i live in Wells which is full of gashead knuckle draggers.

  • I know of two Wycombe fans in Gloucester and there's a smattering of us down in Devon.

  • Weston Super Mare? West country?

    Commuting to London, motorways, rail investment. Cloth caps and whippets, feral black pudding. you'll probably get electric light soon. Not a pasty, moor, cream tea, sandy beach or tin mine in sight.

    Weston super Mare,West country? my arse. you are only half way there,son.

  • Not quite West Country - in Tewkesbury Gloucestershire

  • West Country starts at Oxford

  • And West Wycombe

  • according to the FA doesn't the West Country start when you cross over the M25 at Denham?

  • I always thought it was the West Indies!

  • I wonder how helpful @bs22chairby is finding this thread?

  • @mooneyman is no doubt alluding to the recording (in December 1923) of West Indies Blues by Esther Bigeou. No?

  • Still struggling to see where Weston Super Mare fits in

  • English Riveria...Torbay to near the janners for my liking.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Still struggling to see where Weston Super Mare fits in

    Same here. And I'm in even more difficulty with @DevonBlue's comment.

  • Point here is that wwfc (and other clubs) have a diaspora, in the southwest as much as other areas. As people move around for work and education, it is inevitable.

    I was struck at Exeter in an ldv game a couple of years ago chatting to the tea bar girl who was amazed how many people has told her they were local. She asked if any Wycombe supporters actually lived in high Wycombe.

  • My point is where did the Weston super Mare abuse come from?

  • Most Wycombe fans that I know live in south east London/Kent

  • The west country starts at Pedastal garage. Everyone else is classed as a Londoner

  • I've never had a diaspora and I'll fight anyone who says I have.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle the postcode bs22 is for Weston-Super-Mare and the surrounding area.

  • @Chris said:
    Right_in_the_Middle the postcode bs22 is for Weston-Super-Mare and the surrounding area.

    This is getting a bit esoteric. Trust DevC to know that (or to be arsed to check it out).
    I'm tempted to change my username to Hpmicra but that would be a bit saucy.

  • I am close to Ottery St Mary, East Devon

  • Not that far from me in Exmouth. Lovely bit of the world. Arrived here a bit by accident, but could see me staying down here forever now.

  • I didnt want to say until i have mastered them all but i am indeed learning the post codes of the UK, Micra. For some reason struggling to get a grip of the Doncaster ones at the moment. Maybe I am too old for this game.

    Fortunately in the meantime google is your friend (and the fact that I used to work just outside Weston in Worle).

    I have long come to the same conclusion Jonny although Exmouth remains far too far oop North for me. Ottery is a nice little town though. Tar barrels night well worth a visit, especially if you are not too fond of your eyebrows.

  • @DevC any help with Doncaster post codes I'm your man. And they are pretty bizarre

  • Many thanks, Booker, I may take you up on that offer. As surely we all know, Doncaster is particularly tricky with confusion over Mexborough, no DN13 and no DN23 to 30. All very odd.

    I don't get to many games these days, but when I do, I find getting my mate to test me during the more tedious hoofball interludes is a good way to pass the time -DN1 Town Centre, DN2 Wheatley, DN3 Armthorpe.............

  • ........ETC.

  • Trick question, Micra?

    The Doncaster Electronic Transmission Centre (ETC) is indeed the last Donny post code, DN55. Its the ones in the middle I struggle with.

    (Should have been .....ETC? of course, but I'll let a bit of bad grammar pass)

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