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Barry Norman

Not a possible signing but for those of us of a certain age he was the first port of call before going to the pictures. From what I've read he seems to have been a throughly decent chap who loved cricket movies and pickled onions and why not.


  • Not big into cricket movies meself and pickled onions tend to repeat and repulse but seemed like a good egg.

  • And why not.

  • Lagaan is good. Carry on up the Khyber Pass and the Go Between both have memorable cricket scenes but cricket movie would be a stretch. There was a film out fairly recently that I can't remember the name of about getting Indian cricketers to be baseball players but I didn't enjoy it very much.

  • Wasn't it Carry on Follow that Camel that has the cricket scene? (Jim Dale joins the Foreign Legion after a disputed run out or something, and later bats bombs back at the attacking Arab forces).

    I know, need to get out more...

  • Ah you might well be right!

  • Day of the Locust was almost a cricket movie.

  • My late night anxiety is setting in. You did mean cricket, movies and pickled onions didn't you @Morris_Ital? If not, my shaft of wit has backfired like a much used Morris Ital.

  • I did @micra as you can see the lack of football has affected me in the same way as a lack of oxygen affects some mountaineers although I'm still not desperate enough to watch the confederations cup.

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