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Its that time of year - Rebellion is only 5 weeks away

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So its time for me to share my my street punk roots and bands that are on.

The excellent Rude Pride from Spain


  • Much more technically accomplished than a lot of punk bands. Good stuff.

  • @M3G Superb! Many thanks.

  • So 4 weeks now well less as its starts on the Thursday. More for you to Ponder.

    Here is a absolute awesome classic from the Skids who I cant wait to see play Rebellion. God bless the memory of Stuart Adamson who's distinctive guitar playing echoed through to Big Country and Beyond. U2 and Green day covered this. But it has no equal.

  • Amazing 'The Saints' only reached 48, and equally incredible was 'Into the Valley' only reached number 10.
    I loved their last ever recording Iona, which i dont even think charted.
    What a band The skids were.

  • Dont forget they also did this version of this classic. Jobson's voice is superb.

    The Skids - And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

  • The Pogues version will always be my favourite cover of And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda; usually brings a tear to my eye.

  • We are on Count down now. Under two weeks

    Here is the Brand new release from Isle of White Combo Grade 2

    They play the festival for the first time if my memory serves me correct.

    Anyway I take heart that not every youngster in the UK loves mainstream pap.

  • M3GM3G
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    As predicted Rebellion was superb this year. Here is Rude Pride again (brilliant) Rebellion performance for the track Wrong way and the official videos Below.

    But Bands Like Crown Court, Anger Flares, Arch Rivals, Grade 2, B Squadron all Oi! street bands were superb. Barstool preachers, Buster Shuffle, The Tuts. All excellent. My old Favorites Gimp Fist played to 3,500 plus again in the Empress Ballroom. Skids were Brilliant.

  • Thanks for this @M3G.

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