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OXFORD Numbers.

Just thinking about Good Friday, and parking etc.

What do we think the attendance will be? Will we get more than 6000?


  • I'd be very disappointed if we got fewer than 6000

  • There will be less than 6000

  • What was the home attendance for the Luton game at AP? I suspect it will be about the same.

  • we gave Luton the whole of the main stand as well as the away end, PNL won't bring as many - a struggling non-football city

  • @perfidious_albion Yes, but do remember that the home attendance alone was still approximately 5,000 for that game.

  • I would imagine a gate of 6,000 for this - around 1,700 from Oxford.

  • There were apprx 5000 home supporters and 2500 away for the Luton game. If we can't manage to get at least 5000 home fans for Friday I'll be disappointed.

  • We've sold 1692 .

  • @spiritof86 Wonderful. I'm sure other Wanderers fans would correct me if I'm wrong but is this less than we took to you and your away day is on a bank holiday? Oh dear me. Aren't you such a massive club eh?

  • Almost identical. We took 1690.

  • Goodness, 2 more fans. I'm sure those two make all the difference in Oxford being such a huge club.

  • This quibbling over who has more fans is pretty silly. Who really cares?

  • Completely agree with you @Glenactico I was merely doing my very best impression of an Oxford fan.

  • There is a difference , we are currently shit , you are doing very well ! See ya very soon ! Enjoy the game

  • @spiritof86 said:
    we are currently shit , you are doing very well !

    You said it.

  • It will be interesting to see our attendance. It's been disappointing that we haven't captured the imagination of the town this season but this may be the type of game to do so, in which case we really need to turn it on.
    As an aside, and I really don't want to suffer this, for the club I think the best thing would be to go up via the play offs. A trip to Wembley would bring maybe another 10000 supporters for the day and I reckon a win would be enough to make perhaps 500 fall in love with us to want to spend a lot more time with us over the next few years (dwindling slowly or growing depending on how the team make themselves up - sorry for the sexist analogy)

  • High Wycombe and it's surrounds prefer Rugby. Most of the local population would rather Wycombe Wanderers didn't exist.

  • Totally disagree. We were one of the best supported amateur and non league clubs around. You don't get that in a rugby town. It's the council and BFP who don't like the wanderers

  • I'd say High Wycombe is very much a football town, it's just that sadly at present much of the football fans in the town are happy to watch football on the sofa rather than watch the Wanderers. Go back a few years and we were the talk of the town and taking 30,000 to Wembley. When Wasps won the European Cup a while back, I think most of the town never even noticed. The passion for football has always been strong in the town and it's something we need to tap back into, but it's more a case of getting the people of the town to switch from the sofa to Adams Park, rather then getting them to switch from Rugby to Football.

  • The problem for Wycombe is that London is so close and fans prefer to jump on The Premier League bandwagon instead of supporting their local club.

  • @ Robin @ Gordon_Ottershaw You are both wrong. As others have stated for the size of the town Wycombe has and always will be a football town. London and London clubs have always existed. Every club has times when the club is in a lull but it will wake up again. But don't expect to much, I think some people think we should get 10,000 a week. That's never going to be realistic figure week in week out. Up the Blues win or loose.

  • The fact is that there are many other sports and activities all of which have a following. Football has to accept that it has to compete with these and offer something special. Most people who actually take part in active sport, whatever it is, would rather be doing that that watching others running around.

  • Today's attendance is 6,892, including 1,571 So a brilliant 5321 home fans.

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