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This time next week

We could be top of the league again.


  • Or we could be one point ahead of Bury having played a game more.

  • We shouldn't require much motivation with a M40 derby with PNL, TOTT clash with Burton, followed by Cheltenham, who are currently holding League two up, single handly. COYBs.

  • The team that worries me the most now is Cheltenham - fighting for their lives and a decent manager to try and keep them up. We are proof that it'll go down to the bitter end and I don't doubt that the likes of Johnson will be using us as an example of what can be achieved. This league has taught me that anyone can beat anyone in football.

  • That's if the CT squad don't all despise each other and their new manager by the time we play them!

  • Gary Johnson has a lot to do in few shorts days between games, aint got much time to turn it around. We better go for the juggler against CT.

    We have a awesome 3 games to get excited about, we can do it....7 points from 9 is my prediction.

  • @Ciderk1d Yes, definitely should be much more in the way of half time entertainment. A circus act sounds perfect!

  • @Rolo, Go for the jugular and if not go for the Achilles heal approach against them all, before, and after half time, for entertainment during all of this. I'm up for Lions and a few dancing Bears acts.

  • I think we've earnt the right to go for the jugular from the start tomorrow as well. I'm really looking forward to the run in, such a contrast to this time last year.

  • @Ciderk1d I take it that by "Achille's heal approach" you have in mind to try and rush Sido back!

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