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Josh Scowen

Sky sports news app state that Huddersfield are bidding for Josh Scowen as are QPR with Josh preferring a move to QPR, surely we must have a sell on clause when we sold him?



  • Out of contract. Gratis. Free. Feck all. We get x % of that.

  • Oh really! I for some reason thought we sold him to Barnsley! My bad

  • We did sell him to Barnsley but he ran down his contract with them and is now a free agent.

  • It'd be interesting seeing him at Huddersfield in the Premier league!
    If he does end up at QPR, I hope his career doesn't go on hold like Ingram's has

  • Smithies still rumoured to be likely to leave QPR this summer. Possible both Ingram and Scowen could be in their first team next year - with Pierre to join them?

  • Maybe he will come back here

  • Maybe not Trevor.

  • He might come back to watch a game.

  • Cant be that good if there letting go for nothing

  • His choice, not theirs. Much like Aaron Pierre if he decides to leave us for pastures new.

  • Never quite sure if Trevor is a clever guy trolling, or a ..well, not so clever guy who genuinely doesn't understand things that are fairly easy to understand.

  • Probably worthy of a new thread, however, Pierre and Bean have been seen training with the squad today for what it is worth

  • There's a positive and a cynical approach to take to that news.

    Let's take the positive, welcome home lads!

  • edited June 2017

    I'm assuming Beano and AP will train with the squad to maintain fitness before they sign the fantastic new deals with other clubs that have been predicted by the Gasroom...but I have my fingers crossed they will still be with us come the slamming of the window.

  • Are they not both still under contract until the end of June anyway?

  • Aaron Pierre can only leave in Window 2 which is open from 6 - 7 am on Thursday morning for Blues Card holders. Marcus Bean will have to wait until Window 4 opens on xmas morning and be able to show his match day badge from Wycombe vs Chesham in the 1874 Berks and Bucks Cup match.

  • Mr A Pierre from Brentford writes: 'Whenever I click on the Lucrative Contract in Championship icon it either kicks me out or re-directs me to Nathan Jones landline...'

  • I'm comfy with going softly softly with Pierre, yeah use our facilities, train with us, take your time to decide.

    But with Bean, i'd issue him a direct, sign by the end of the week, or you're down the park training on your own pal.

  • I find it a little odd that we do pamper to Bean. He either wants to play in which case sign, or not in which case say cheerio with goodwill and go on your merry way.

  • Isn't being pleasant to players one of the best ways to attract other players? Allowing Bean to train hasn't got anything more than a trivial cost.

  • Bean is a journeyman near the end of his career and is fully entitled to evaluate all offers on the table before making a decision.

  • If Pierre left, we'd have huge work to do to replace him, whereas if Bean left, we wouldn't in the slightest.

    That's the difference.

    Still, Gaz has shown good form for both bringing in players we didn't think we had a chance of, and showing a level pf pragmatism not many of us would have afforded to the likes of Stewart after his shenanighans. So I dare say he has it spot on with Bean and expect him to sign soon.

  • Gaz has showered fullsome praise on Beano in recent weeks in the press. He had his best period with us in the run in, yes playing for his contract etc , that said when Gape imploded after being given his contract and even golden balls Sweet Luke turning into Sweaty Puke, we looked very good playing it on the ground with a match fit Sam S pulling the strings and Beano as a 'ball playing' enforcer ( well there were avfew passes).
    As senior pros would have it you win nothing with kids.

  • A little unfair I think to link Dominic Gape's loss of form/stamina to the award of a contract in January. As I understand it, he had "health issues" towards the end of the season but carried on regardless. As a young highly industrious midfielder he was bound to struggle.

    Also, I thought Luke O'Nien's form was on an upward curve for the last few games, culminating in his winning brace against Doncaster. I'm not sure what you mean @perfidious_albion by Sweaty Puke. Makes no sense other than as a rather weak spoonerism.

  • Why should players at the end of their contracts not fully consider their options before signing new contracts. Football seems to be increasingly reliant on short term contracts (one or two years). That does little to generate an atmosphere of job security and loyalty. If clubs wanted a long term commitment from players they would offer long term contracts.

    It's been suggested that Bean should sign or go, while at the same time giving Pierre time to consider his options.

    I would suggest that WWFC have taken on Pierre as something of an unknown quantity and helped him develop into a player that can possibly have a career at a higher level. Marcus Bean was brought to the club as an experienced player to do a job. The club knew what they were getting from day one. Which player owes the club most?

  • I suppose it is still only late June, but realistically we'd want to sort both situations out by mid July. By then you're really into key planning mode.

    We could deal with Bean going, so he doesn't want to overplay his hand, whereas Pierre going leaves a real void. Sido showed he can cover well, but i doubt many would take him for a first choice there, whereas the younger lads have shown they're a big step down in quality.

  • @micra "rather weak spoonerism" - Splendid stuff, Sir!

  • @Malone, to be honest I see Pierre as having a bit of a dilemma. There has not been a great rush of higher level clubs trying to buy him (Wycombe have never stood in the way of players moving up), and with his contract being up there still doesn't appear to great offers on the table.

    That would suggest to me that higher level clubs do not view him as the answer to their starting defence requirements, so at best he would be a squad player. So, does he move up the levels to possible obscurity, or stay where he is first choice and in the shop window?

    I like Sido, but I always feel he can be a bit erratic.

  • @LeedsBlue said:
    micra "rather weak spoonerism" - Splendid stuff, Sir!

    Agreed errant nonsense, note to self never late night post after 'just one more'. Stand by the fact that, despite Luke appearing to be the current golden child who can do no wrong, in my view his 110% effort style now offers less than the cultured touch he showed when he first arrived.

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