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Blackman returns?

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someone just posted this link on Facebook to Jamal Instagram page and he caption a photo with "looking forwards to getting back to the new season and what it will bring #football #games #Chelsea # wycombewanderers " so looks like he might be back then? just to add i looked on his Instagram page and that photo was posted today.



  • Unless he's going to be self-financing (a likely story) and/or has become the first philanthropic footballer, I can't see it happening. What do people on here think?

  • GA stated that Scot Brown was being kept on as No 1 in the last interview didn't he?

  • That was because he thought we had no chance of getting Blackman,if there's an option of getting him i think we should jump at the chance.

  • Oh dear, where will it all end!

  • As much as I'd love to have Jamal between the sticks next season, that would be pretty crappy for Scott!

  • I'm sure if we do get Blackman then Brown will be off either permanently or on loan.

  • @Alexo - It wouldn't be crappy at all. Brown is quite happy to stay at Cheltenham next season.

  • Would be delighted to have him back so long as Brown didn't get shafted. Working on the assumption that a competent League Two goalie will find a home at this stage in the off-season, even if Cheltenham have filled their need (and I can't see anything on their website), then yes please, with bells on, to Blackman.

  • If Blackman was to return to WWFC next year, I would have concerns about his level of motivation as player.

    He is a young developing keeper already on the books of a premiership club, surely his ambition has to be to work towards reaching premiership standard. Last season was mutually beneficial to him and WWFC, but realistically he needs to be looking to prove himself at a higher level than league 2 to continue his development.

  • Maybe he enjoyed it here (@micra at WWFC) so much that he wants to stay.

  • @bluenotes - I think the role of keeper is different to other positions in a team. He will have the same shots to save, albeit some will be more difficult at the higher level. However it could be argued that it is a bigger challenge when you generally have inferior defenders around you.

    Yes he could go on loan to a Championship team and sit on the bench, but it may be better for Chelsea and the player to be guaranteed a starting position for another season, plus be closer geographically for Chelsea to monitor his progress.

    Having said that I can't see him returning.

  • @mooneyman I agree that going to a club to sit on the bench is not the way forward, but to suggest that he will have the same shots to save is rather ignoring the quality of the strikers he would face. If it was that simple then there is no reason why he can't play regularly at premiership level now.

    I am not suggesting I would not like to see him at WWFC (I don't see it happening either) but I think he has to be looking to test himself at a higher level and competing for the no 1 spot with higher level keepers.

    The current thinking at WWFC seems to be (probably for financial reasons) that we will only keep one keeper around he club (second keeper out on loan and on emergency recall). We can loan out a permanent keeper, but couldn't loan out a loan keeper. That doesn't offer competition for position. As has already been suggested, there may have been a playing time clause in his loan contract too.

  • I'd love to know more about these different shots top level keepers have to face @bluenotes
    I've spent the vast majority of my life thinking top level striker were just a bit quicker, a lot more consistent and perhaps a bit more lucky. Now I hear of different shots and it's blown my mind.
    What do these super ninjas do to the ball that maes them so different to, for example Paul Hayes.

  • It's not entirely outside the realms of possibility that shooting might be another thing they are better at?

    I'm pretty sure that's one of the elements of being more consistent in any case, as well as better positioning and better decision making.

  • Thank you @Chris my point entirely. I find it odd that people are happy to regard Scot Brown as a good league 2 keeper, but apply a different sense of logic when it comes to Blackman.

    If the quality of the strikers that a keeper has to face is not a legitimate consideration then all keepers from Sunday morning park level to premiership are in line for international call up, because the job of goalkeeper is the same at all levels. Really?

  • Martin Taylor friended me on Facebook out of the blue last week does it mean an imminent return or am I clutching at slightly fewer straws than the guy who posted this

  • Like the wit (as usual) @Morris_Ital but on a (slightly) serious note, Martin appears to be issuing friend invitations to anyone involved wit Wycombe Wanderers. (Unintended 'wit') He seems to enjoy golf and table tennis and I've been tempted to challenge him but I think it would be embarrassingly one-sided (as no doubt would be the game of table tennis against Luke O'Nien he offered to play last year. I kept a low profile after he told me he had a table at home!)

  • @StrongestTeam, I doubt whether speculation on Gasroom will have any influence on the matter, and I'm sure that fans speculating during has always gone on.

    I would guess that Blackman won't get much say in the matter, and Chelsea will have him playing his football where they see it to their best advantage. Ultimately, they hold his contract and pay his wages.

  • Don't take on ex footballers at table tennis as they all tend to be talented! I play in the Wycombe League and last season played against our ex goalie Trevor Bunting and got absolutely hammered.

    A few years ago I was on a table tennis training course in Durham and Newcastle were doing pre season training nearby. During their lunch break David Ginola came over and challenged me and I similarly got thrashed.

  • Not doubting a difference in quality of both keepers and strikers at all levels @bluenotes
    Thing is you talked about different shots. I've scored the odd great goal but I don't think myself as a top striker. My point is the consistency is better not the actual action.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle, perhaps I just phrased badly. My intention was to comment on what a goalkeeper will face given the different levels of fitness, speed and sharpness (physical and mental), consistency and ball control higher up the league. My feeling is that a keeper can only develop his game to match these qualities by regularly playing against them.

  • Colin might prove slightly less daunting @mooneyman. Until last year, I regularly played with and against local league players at Wycombe 50+ and most were too strong for me. I could cope OK with Trevor's mum (not a league player) and I'm venturing back tomorrow after a break of just over a year now that beta blockers seem to be doing their job.

    Reverting to the goalkeeper theme, the Bunting goalkeeping dynasty has continued I believe with one of Trevor's sons following in dad and grandad's footsteps.

  • I would question whether there is a great difference in fitness between the Premiership and the lower leagues. A lot of the prima donnas in the Premier would have great difficulty in playing over 50 games a season as some of our players do.

    Obviously Blackman would develop more at the Premier/Championship level PROVIDED that he was actually played. However sitting on the bench or playing in the Development team isn't going to do him any more good than playing every week in the first/second division. He is still very young in goalkeeping terms and even if he improves significantly, I can't ever see him getting first choice at Chelsea.

  • @mooneyman, I would agree about player individual fitness over the course of the season, but I think the fitness throughout the course of a match is higher in the higher leagues. Also, with bigger squads and rotation, the overall playing team fitness is likely to higher throughout the season. Goalkeepers tend to be squad rotated less, so have to match that.

    I agree that where ever Blackman plays, it has to be first team football, not Development or bench warming. I would envisage league 1 this year, possibly Championship the year after.

    He is in a very different position to Ingram. Ingram had to move to a club higher up the rankings (whether that has been a good move is open to debate). Blackman has a prem parent club. Long term he has to be trying to move up the pecking order at his parent club. You may well be right that he won't make no.1 at Chelsea, but he has to show the ambition.

    It's a tough profession for any player. Particularly so for goalkeepers. I wish him all the best where ever it leads.

  • @micra I thought it was strange as the closest I got to him was 8 rows back but I broke my usual rule of not friending someone I haven't known personally in due deference to his performance at Villa Park.
    It also gave me the opportunity to boast about it to my brother another Blues fan although I still haven't admitted how tenuous the "friendship" is.

  • I have the same attitude towards Facebook and often wonder why I signed up to the Fans' page.
    Friend requests from exotic young ladies are hard to resist but, unlike one or two Fans, resist I do!

  • Ah but without the fans Facebook page I wouldn't have discovered that dogshit is both a noun and an adjective and has nothing to do with dogs.

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