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What a change! No obvious player of the season.

Regardless of what happens for the last 7 games it has been a successful season. 11 away wins so far and hopefully more to come, a home record that we could only dream of over the last few seasons. But what a treat to have no idea who the player of the season will be. Normally I would discount loanees, But definitely not this season. My choice would be to give each player an award as I strongly believe this has been a real team effort. I am sure many of you will disagree, but thats my two penneth.


  • 12 away wins!

  • For consistency I would give it to Mawson. Hard really as the whole back five have barely put a foot wrong since August.

  • Would agree. .certainly tough..Ingram. .Pierre or jombati or jacobsen.
    Has to be someone from the back 5..

  • Totally agree Fit2drop.

  • You're quite right, there are a lot of players who have performed brilliantly this season but Alfie Mawson stands tallest of them all. What a phenomenal season he has had.

    JJ and Paul Hayes would complete my top three

  • And a shout for Sammy Wood. Always gives everything and chipped in with a few goals and more assists. Mawson pips him for me though too.

  • Paul Hayes is without doubt the player of the season. His leadership on the pitch is something we've lacked for ages, and he's a class above. Mawson has obviously been fantastic, but we could replicate his job for us with another defender.

    Whereas, Hayes has been the absolute lynchpin of the team. There are times when I watch him when I simply cannot believe how good he makes us.

  • Hayes for me 100%!

  • Hayes for me, although Mawson and Jacobson run close.
    Also a mention for Sam Wood. Tireless running and countless assists + chipping in with crucial goals from left wing.
    Let's not forget it was his goal and two goalline clearances at Torquay that started the great escape and miracle recovery to where we are today. He really deserves it after slogging through an impossibly difficult campaign in 2013/14, often in an unfavoured left back role with little protection. It looks like he has enjoyed his football much more this year and this has rubbed off in his contribution with many assists & goals. I hope he has enjoyed this season as much as me!

  • Got to agree with Hayes. Pure class and a real leader on the pitch. Just think back a few weeks to when he was out injured and our lack of creativity and nouse. But having said that there aren't many who don't deserve a real pat on the back for their efforts

  • Got to be HAYES. A true leader and still a great player - just see the flick on at Luton. Easy choice. Just what we have been missing the last few season.

  • Alfie for me. Class above

  • Hayes is a good shout. We missed him terribly when he was out injured. It was about the same time as the sales of Scowen and PCH but I always felt we missed him more than the other two.

  • Hayesy.

  • Choosing a player of the season from this amazing season is a great problem to have!

  • Hayes for me. Not that I am in any way suggesting Fred should be considered, but he was very important in giving us an impetus when goals elsewhere dried up. I think he turned out to be more effective than Paris.

  • I'd go for Mawson

  • Mawson for sheer consistency of performance, with Pierre a close second. Maybe just the whole back 5!!

  • As said above, there have been so many consistently good performers that they all deserve the plaudits. But ultimately for me it comes down to Hayes or Mawson. Although now I think about it, Pierre could be in with a shout. And maybe Jacobsen. And actually, Ingram hasn't done too bad either...

    But seriously, I think in a season of exceptional performances it has been Mawson and Hayes who just about shine out above the others. Mawson may have kept the level of excellence more consistent than anyone else, but I think that the period Hayes was out showed just how much we missed him. When he came back it was almost like a tap had been turned back on to allow us to express our freedom and creativity again - an instant impact.

    So for that reason I would go for Hayes, closely followed by Mawson. Probably Pierre in 3rd place as he has again been incredibly consistent whereas I feel Jacobsen has looked a bit shaky defensively recently, and whilst Ingram has been exceptional at times he has also had a few dodgy moments as well.

    What nice dilemma to have though!

  • I have to say in all my years of watching football not just Wycombe Paul Hayes is the best captain I have ever watched, and based on this he should be the player of the season. Watching him on the pitch encouraging players, having a quiet word when required and leading by example. When out injured coming down to the family stand at half time and having pitches taken and signing autographs, he is an inspiration to any player.

  • I wouldn't be suprised to see Hayes take the management route when he hangs his boots up in a few years.
    Looks to have the respect,intelligence and desire to make a successful manager.

  • So many players have a case for it this year. Reckon I've narrowed it down to Hayes and Mawson, and due to his phenomenal captaincy I think my vote goes to Hayesy.

  • Whisper it quietly but if and when GA does move on.........

  • like the way Hayes , as captain, gets on the refs case just enough, not so much as to hack him off but enough to give us the benefit of the doubt, #oldpro@work

  • Mawson, Jacobsen, Wood or Ingram. Hayes and Pierre not far behind.

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