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points total revisited

Following on from my post of the 4th March, I thought it was worth revisiting this again now we have played more games.
We are currently on 74 points and I have looked again at my predictions and considering the changes to where teams now find themselves in the table. Burton for me is a tall order coming so soon after this Fridays game and Gaz has already hinted at changes to see us through the Easter games, so my original prediction of a draw has been changed to a loss (but I hope I am wrong). Cheltenham also becomes a really tough game considering they are now fighting for their lives. So a total of 86, which is still where I thought we would end up. I also think the non result at Bury on Saturday has also worked in our favour, with us having got the points on the board, so greater pressure is now on Bury and it also looks like they probably will not play game until the 21st April leaving us hopefully always a margin ahead and thus adding to the pressure on them as the games count down.

Oxford Home - win 3 points
Burton Albion Away - draw 0 point
Cheltenham Home - win 1 points
Exeter Home - win 3 points
Wimbledon Away - draw 1 point
Morecambe Home - win 3 points
Northampton Away - draw 1 point


  • You get 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 for a loss.

  • 10 point from 12 at home
    2 point from 9 away

    You do realise that we have the best away record in the country - including the Premiership

  • sorry had a shocker there and copied and pasted from my original but did not amend the points for the games I had changed my opinion on.

  • You seem to think we are stronger at home ? all of your wins are at home . I would suggest if you look at the evidence , we are stronger away from home ?

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