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The Liquidator- Harry J Allstars

Does anyone here know the Wycombe claim to be the first to use this song for the players to run out to? I personally don't ever remember hearing it at Adams Park.

See use in football matches at the Wiki article below:


  • Used to be played at Loakes Park. Not as the teams were coming out but just before. At about 14:55

  • I remember first hearing The Liquidator at Loakes Park in the late 80s. I also remember hearing this too:

  • I have to own up to this. I was the "tannoy man" for a spell back in the Loakes Park days, and I indulged myself by playing these 2 tracks before every home game. I must apologise to all WWFC fans who dislike Chelsea, as The Liquidator has also been played regularly at Stamford Bridge since the early 1970s (just in case anyone resents the link).

  • Having now read the Wikipedia entry, sorry for re-stating the obvious re Chelsea!

  • Love the Colourbox one

  • Happy memories

  • Have we ever played the Adams Family theme ?

  • Only when Roger Johnson was playing

    "The runs he makes are mazy,
    He drives the women crazy,
    He's better than Barsesi,
    The Johnson is his name"

  • I remember in the season we were relegated from the conference (in the late 80s) the tannoy man at the time,someone I worked with, used to,play" always look on the bright side of life " after each home defeat. It was played a lot!,

  • The Liquidator and the Colourbox Theme really need to be reinstated. That said, everything played over our tannoy system sounds terrible. I'm sure it's worse than the one at Loakes Park was (at least it is behind the goal).

  • I totally agree bring back the Colourbox theme. It has always been very well documented that Chelsea shed 'Boot' boys adopted the Liquidator back in the day.

  • And while we're at it, stop playing that fucking awful Elton John tune when we lose. The negative result is bad enough without having to endure the mental image of Elton 'rolling like thunder, under the covers' with his latest conquest.

  • Buzz played "Wheres Captain Kirk" which always amused me. Perhaps we should come on to "Beast of Burden" or "The Number of the Beast"

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