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Peter Murphy forced to retire at 27

Great shame for the lad. Best wishes for the future.


  • That is a great shame and must be incredibly frustrating for the man. I hope he finds a positive future.

  • Think there was a thread the other day, but either way it's a real shocker, and a near disaster for the lad.
    Maybe it'll make a few raging goons a little more sympathetic the next time a player leaves for a better deal elsewhere - the simple truth that it can all be over fairly quickly. It only takes catching your studs at the wrong angle, or some temporarily hyped up lug smashing you, and you're out for months and then this.

  • Well said Malone.

  • It's terrible for him for sure, but 27 isn't that late to have a career change. He may actually fare better than the average League Two player who retires at 34 and has to go out and find a new career.

    Some people leave university at 24 with a fairly poor degree qualification, go travelling for 2 years and come back and find excellent careers.

    He can still go on and have a great job in football or something else, and he seems like the kind of guy who will apply himself to whatever he does.

  • No-one is saying his life is over, but his position is massively different to the scenario you mention.
    The uni person you describe hasn't properly got going. They've been considering what to do for years, and even a poor degree is better than most have.

    Murphy is 10 years into what is probably a lifelong passion, and most likely he hasn't spent years considering a future career.
    From the way his statement was written it comes across like he's annoyed with the club for the way they announced his release, before he'd had time to deal with what was a massive blow to him!

    Anyone know how insurance works in this scenario? Would the club/player get anything? Probably more the latter at this level.

  • I seem to recall Jermaine McSporran getting a reasonable insurance pay-out when he was forced to retire, but the caveat is that the player can't play any sport above a certain level again (I'd take that to mean at a level where they were paid anything more than expenses). Modern day personal insurance does tend to cover being unable to pursue your established career, so hopefully Murphy will get something. Doesn't really make up for losing the career he loves, of course.

  • Been to see him and speak daily.

    He's having an op in a couple of weeks and hopefully that goes well he'll be able to get out and about.

    He's been coachin at Rochdale and enjoying it and its something he hopes to continue when he's back to 100%.

    He also mentioned he got a text off Andrew Howard the day after it came to light regarding the retirement which was a nice touch.

  • I am sure he takes all the best wishes of the Wycombe faithful with him. Always gave his all it seemed to me, homesick or not.

  • @ryan_w_kirkby Given that things didn't ultimately work out in his time at Wycombe and that he got forced off injured against us twice, including an injury that has proved terminal to his career, does Peter retain any good memories of Wycombe or does he wish he had never heard of us?

    Please wish him all the best for the future.

  • Getting the winner at the Stad de 3 sides against the PNL, means there will always be a special place in the hearts of Wanderers fans for Peter Murphy.

  • As far as am aware he enjoyed his time at us and sent me a couple of photos including the winner at Oxford.

    He was a proper mummy's boy at home so the move was a big step for him, playing a part at wembley will be something I'm sure he will never forget.

    He's a great lad and always had time to speak to the fans etc

    Its a shock he cant play football anymore but hes settled in a lovely house with his misses and kids so its not all bad.

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