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At the other end

Ronnies done a good job at the Monkey when he took over they were 10 points adrift and he said some of the squad were better suited to working in ASDA than playing league football. Yesterday's win has just moved them out of the relegation zone. Who do you reckon will fill the last two places after the last day.


  • Cheltenham and one of either Tranmere or Carlisle as Hartlepool are on a roll. So glad we're not involved in that scrap again!

  • Wow, they are on four consecutive wins! They were so far adrift, I think I had written them off already. But twelve points makes a hell of a difference at that end of the table.

  • Glad we played them when we did, don't want Chelte ham to go down, nice easy away trip

  • Where's ReD aNd WhItE fOrEvEr when you need him, eh.

    I could never really wish relegation on any club other than the franchise (and then liquidation, and starting in their rightful place at the arse end of the pyramid) but I remember a long run of godawful games against CTFC, and was it an elbow from Guinan in a playoff game ages ago that let them score whilst one of our players was off the pitch getting treatment, ultimately sealing their win?

    So if it has to be anyone, I'd miss them least. Maybe York too, although I doubt it'll be them.

  • Some interesting history between current Cheltenham loanee Shaun Harrad and his new manager, apparently:

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