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Garry Heath ??

Is this the same fella, who was on the Trust board ?
And wouldnt reveal who the training ground loan investors were ?

Steve Baker condemns colleague's comments calling for a 'purge' of 'Remain' MPs


  • "the white working class"

    what a total and utter helmet

  • What a tool.

  • I believe Mr Heath is also a member of the Leander Club, that must be overun with the "White working Class" ??

  • That is genuinely one of the most stupid and yet at the same time frightening things I've ever read. Let's more or less ignore the complete lack of understanding of how American politics works (it's the presidency which is the executive branch, stoopid). This is, for me, the frightening bit:

    "We must move away from division politics and return a voice to the white working class, the self-employed and other small business people who have had no voice in government for decades. We must be the unashamed voice of unity across the UK; as a country, we have been divided too long."

    The implication is that the "unity" of the voice of the white working class, the self-employed and other small business people should be enough to override division. As I fall into precisely none of those categories, that's a scary prospect.

  • I fall into two of those and I still think he's a thundering great arse.

  • More mythical people who have no there are absolutely no white, working class, self-employed or small business people in local or national politics?

  • Sounds like a sound man to me

  • @tewkesburychairboy said:
    Sounds like a sound man to me

    You can join the list of certified c***s then!

  • And this is precisely why I refuse to accept whatever the Trust do with unquestioning obsequiousness. It is an opaque institution with elections that come from the playbook of a banana republic. What links does Mr Heath currently have to the Trust / club?

  • Garry Heath resigned from the WWT and FALL boards in February 2016. Whether this was to concentrate on promoting representation of the currently vastly under represented constituencies of business owners, self-employed and white people in parliament and other regional and local bodies is unknown.

  • A true believer in democracy then, cock

  • What a bellend.

    It's comments like this that encourage the EDL to come to Wycombe for their rallies of moronic chanting and Special Brew drinking.

    He can fuck off.

  • I take it you would bev reluctant to buy him a drink Bill!

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