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Buses to the ground

I'm going to the game tomorrow I come in by train and normally get the bus to the ground. For some reason the bus that the club put on is leaving really early at 1535. As I'm working tomorrow I wont get into Wycombe until after that, does anyone know what bus I can get from the bus station that goes near the ground. Any help would be greatly appreciated


  • Am sure the number 32 bus runs from the bus station to opposite the Hour Glass (10min walk from there). Then picked back up on the other side of the road after the game at some stage, must be fairly regular. But at absolute worst case scenario a 1.5mile walk back.

  • You can catch the Booker or Lane End buses

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    If you mean "goes from the TRAIN station", it looks like you can take the 31from Castle Street just over the road from the Train station to the Bus Station, as per below, then pick up the 32.

    Not sure how well the below will paste in, but am sure it gives you the gist pal.

    15:58 from High Wycombe Railway Station
    Walk Walk 2 Minutes, 436 ft Show route descriptionHide route description

    16:01 at High Wycombe Castle Street
    16:01 from High Wycombe Castle Street, Stand Stop W
    Bus 1 Bus 1 ⇒ High Wycombe Bus Station
    Operator: ARRIVA the Shires (HI)
    next alternative departures: Bus 33 16:14, Bus 31 16:25, Bus 1 16:31, Bus 33 16:34, Bus 33 16:54 ... more than 5 Show intermediate stopsHide intermediate stops

    16:05 at High Wycombe Bus Station, Stand Bay 9
    16:05 from High Wycombe Bus Station
    Walk Walk 1 Minute, 79 ft
    16:06 at High Wycombe Bus Station
    16:11 from High Wycombe Bus Station, Stand Bay 15
    Bus 32 Bus 32 ⇒ Booker ASDA
    Operator: ARRIVA the Shires (HI)
    next alternative departures: Bus 32 16:31, Bus 32 16:51, Bus 32 17:11, Bus 32 17:30, Bus 48 17:40 ... more than 5 Show intermediate stopsHide intermediate stops

    16:19 at Sands The Hour Glass PH

  • I'll hop on th 32 then thanks everyone

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    For anyone else wondering about bus timings:

    You can travel to the game by bus thanks to the Arriva service.

    Adult return: £3
    Adult single: £2
    Concession return: £1.50
    Concession single: £1

    Fares are charged at the same rate regardless of where passengers board the service. Concessions are classed at under 16s and over 60s.

    The service timetable is as follows.

    Wycombe Railway Station – 15.35
    Eden Bus Station – 15.45
    Handy Cross Park & Ride – 15.55
    Adams Park – 16.05
    The return journey will depart from the end of Hillbottom Road approximately 20 minutes after the final whistle; please confirm the time with the driver on the inbound journey. "


  • He already knew that

  • @Aok84 said:
    You can catch the Booker or Lane End buses

    Can you catch a bus from lane end to Adams park on a Tuesday night i.e. tonight. If so, what are the details. Cheers

  • @chairboy100 Have you found a way of getting there by bus? If not I'm driving through Lane End before and after the game and don't mind giving you a lift.

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