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Club Ownership - An "Alice in Wonderland" future?

Understand today is a key meeting to help Portsmouth supporters decide between retaining fan ownership or accepting an offer from Mr Disney himself , Michael Eisner to buy them out.

The arguments about the rights and wrongs of this, both for Portsmouth and indeed ourselves, have been done to death and I suggest we don't re-open them here.

A thought struck me though. Around Christmas time, the Trust chairman out of the blue penned a column in a match programme raising the question of whether fan ownership was a sustainable model for WWFC going forward. Having marched the troops up the hill, he equally oddly seems to have marched them back down again by not mentioning it again despite suggestions in the article that he would.

Could an explanation for this be that Eisner was seriously sniffing around our club at the time before choosing to pursue Pompey? If Pompey say no, may he be back?


  • answers:

    don't know, and don't know

  • Me neither. Can't think of another explanation for Mr Stroud's actions (albeit possibly not the same suitor). Perhaps some clarification may be in order from Mr Stroud himself. Perhaps there will be in Saturdays programme!

  • You are rather adding two and two together to come up with 22 there Dev.

    Sure - stick the two numbers together and you will get that result but it's far from the result you'd get from rational thinking.

    That article published in December could have easily been that they had a page to fill and something pre-written that previously hadn't been published.

  • My recollection is that the programme note was a little stronger than you are suggesting Mr Strongest. Pretty sure it used to be on the trust website but seems to have disappeared. It is possible that the finances from the cup runs have kicked the can down the road a bit, but still strikes me as very odd that Stroud would raise the issue somewhat out of the blue and then say no more.

    ho hum.

  • As well as buying a programme to find out if there is an article on fan-ownership sustainability, for those who did not get one last time out, I believe you may also be able to invest in a copy of The most recent Wanderer, which, although having fewer words on club finances, contains jokes. (there you go @Jonny_King - no charge.)

  • @Wendoverman God bless you Sir. God bless you.

  • Different documents serve different audiences I suppose. TBH even when I see a game, I haven't bought a programme or a fanzine for years.

    Opportunity to change my mind, Jonny, Best joke in the next episode?

  • they've got this hilarious spoof character that lives hundreds of miles wait, that's the gasroom

  • And that's the best joke?? Oh dear.

  • @DevC to be fair both documents serve the same audience. One is slightly shinier than the other.

  • @DevC I couldn't possibly show favouritism to a particular Wanderer writer, they're all brilliant - but by all means pick up a copy and tell me which joke you preferred.

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