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Rip Les Payne

Sad news that veteran Wycombe Musician passed away yesterday.


  • Very sad, saw him several times in the early 70s, always seemed to be around to support the bigger bands in Wycombe.

  • @NewburyWanderer when you saw him in the 70's that wouldn't of been in a band called Mainland was it

  • No, he was normally just on his own.

  • @NewburyWanderer oh! As he was in a band with my dad called MainLand , they were the support group for Leo Sayer , they also used to play at winkers, Annie's wine bar etc.

  • Les used to play the odd Sunday night in the Red Lion in Little MIssenden getting on for twenty years ago. Had plenty of good nights after cricket.

  • I used to see Les Payne play on Friday nights down in Chalfont St Peter. Him and a guy called "Diesel" who played electric guitar. He was an excellent musician. Sad news

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