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The Magic Number

I have done a couple of run throughs on predictors and I reckon the target is 86 points. The title might be 5 or 6 more than that and i would be 'happy' to park any ideas of the top spot in favour of an ordinary colour miracle.


  • Bury have 15 points from their last 6 games. If they could maintain that fairly astonishing form they would get another 20 points from their last 8 for a total of 87. How gutting would it be for us, or indeed any of the current top 3, to get 86 points and still miss out on automatic promotion?

  • Bury have quite a few tough games, they still have to play southend, shrewsbury and newport. I'd also like to think we'll pick up more than 12 points from the last 7 games. But of course I don't want to jinx anything...

  • as long as we keep winning it dolesn't matter

  • Right. It's in our hands. However much I might have lamented the quality of yesterday's game, I could not fault the heart on show, and if we keep that up, and retain Saunders and Yennaris (the former especially) I think we've got a strong chance.

  • (I only mention that due to Brentford's recall clause - remember how Charlton recalled Paul Hayes even though they didn't need him and never played him, first time around?)

  • For Bury to get 18 points from last available 24 points will be tough going (total 85). I believe if we get 12 from 21, then we will go up automatically with 86 points.

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