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Ched Evans (2)

BBC reporting that Sheffield United are to resign him for a fee of around £500,000.

Ignore the issues about his past - £500,000????? He has scored a handful of goals in Lg1. How can this possibly be justified?


  • Seems quite reasonable for a proven striker in my opinion. Not sure how much the team he is playing with has affected is goalscoring potential but at least Sheffield United know what they are getting.

  • Very strange one. He hasn't shown he's got the ability of years ago, so a fair old risk there.
    Am glad we stayed right away from it all either way when he was "up for grabs".

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    A proper Pre-season will help, he's still not old.

    500k could be a good deal for both cubs... Chesterfield have made a quick buck, and Sheffield united could be getting a bargain goalscorer.

  • Sadly, it was always on the cards...United get their lovely moral upstanding player back after the 'rapey unpleasantness' has been strained from him by another team.

  • he was found not guilty and always was !!

  • He blagged a key card from the front desk to his mates room, joined in with what had already started and left via the fire escape. He may have been found not guilty, I still would not like him playing for my club.

  • I don't think anyone could possibly argue that his behaviour was anything less than unsavoury at best

  • Unsavouryness is not illegal.

  • Unsavoury at best...

    But anyway, he's not our problem, we have a very positive couple of weeks ahead, so not too bothered.

  • Whether sonething is illegal should not be tge barometer of whether you would want them playinh for your football team. I apprr everyone will have their own lines drawn on the decision though.

  • Based on the trouncing we gave him & his teammates in the Cup, I think they're doing well to get a fee for any of them. £500k ???? I should think Chesterfield think it's Christmas.

  • If he gets anywhere near the form he had at Sheffield United before then it's a bargain!

  • we would love a striker of his quality lets not bullshit too much !!

  • A striker of his quality possibly but personally of his character not for me

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    Didn't ********* (edited - awaiting evidence) have 'ahem' interesting tastes?

  • @TwinBrother allegedly so. But all between fully consenting adults so none of our business really.

    Evans case was a completely different matter

  • Don't especially want to get into this, but, on the basis of the finding of the court, there is no reason to suggest the Evans case was other than between consenting adults too.

  • Innocent is exactly what it says and he also served a sentence for something he didnt do

  • The original poster made it abundantly clear this thread was about his worth as a footballer, not his guilt or morale standing, let's ditch the pointless rehashing of an old debate.

  • Yes, FFS (whatever that means).

  • @rmjlondon thanks richie...your posts have certainly helped me to clarify where I stand on the matter.

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