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The Final Two weeks

edited April 2017 in Football

Saturday 29th April 2017 Sky Bet League Two

Accrington Stanley V Luton Town
Barnet V Grimsby Town
Cambridge United V Crawley Town
Carlisle United V Newport County
Cheltenham Town V Hartlepool United
Doncaster Rovers V Exeter City
Leyton Orient V Colchester United
Mansfield Town V Portsmouth
Morecambe V Wycombe Wanderers
Notts County V Blackpool
Plymouth Argyle V Crewe Alexandra
Yeovil Town V Stevenage

Saturday 6th May 2017 Sky Bet League Two

Blackpool V Leyton Orient
Colchester United V Yeovil Town
Crawley Town V Mansfield Town
Crewe Alexandra V Barnet
Exeter City V Carlisle United
Grimsby Town V Plymouth Argyle
Hartlepool United V Doncaster Rovers
Luton Town V Morecambe
Newport County V Notts County
Portsmouth V Cheltenham Town
Stevenage V Accrington Stanley
Wycombe Wanderers V Cambridge United

Well this is it, the last fixtures of the season. Interesting and difficult games for Carlisle & Exeter they meet. But Exeter need to get something at Doncaster. Luton have a hard game at Accrington and Mansfield have a tough one at home to Pompey.
Blackpool have a tough looking game at the inform Notts County . But we really need Mansfield to drop a couple of point or lose and Stevenage to drop points at Yeovil. It will be fascinating on Saturday.



  • Cheltenham v Hartlepool next week will be a hell of a game.

  • With the fixtures as they are I think Ainsworth's much repeated line that if we win all our remaining games we will make the playoffs is probably true. Big if though, but it seems much more likely now than on Saturday morning.

  • Effectively we need to win both games, and hope 2 of Blackpool, Stevenage & Mansfield don't win both. Exeter could come into it too.
    Simple really.
    How I'd love to be 7th at 5PM on Saturday, makes the Cambridge job easier and saves us having to be permanently checking scores elsewhere.

  • In some ways i think the Doncaster game was an easier game to get a result in than this one coming. Morecambe have history for rucking us up late on, though usually at our ground.

    If we can get a win there it makes Cambridge at home the sort of excellent all or nothing last game we all start every season hoping for.
    And to think after we trudged out having lost to Mansfield that we thought it was all over, and we'd have some awful mid pack games to see the reason out with.

  • That history is irrelevant though isn't it? There's a history of their players pulling the hair of our players, but I bet that doesn't happen on Saturday.

  • I doubt whether Ellison is quick enough to catch Beano on present form.

  • @Chris , i certainly hope it isn't relevant!
    It's amazing how we've brought ourselves right back into the mixer.

    Win Saturday and i wonder if we could be the tv game. The top 3 are done and dusted, the relegation could easily be done, so it'd be odds on to be a playoff chaser, so why not us? Especially if Cambridge also won at the weekend.

    Saturday first though.

  • We could really do with not only beating Morecombe but also netting a few goals in the process. That could lift us above Manfield on goal difference, which may yet be crucial.

  • We'll be quite unfortunate indeed in such a tight interchangeable division if 2 wins full stop don't get us in.

  • Just being in the mix on the last day would be a major turn around after recent weeks. Three points on Saturday makes that happen. How many goals we score reminds me of the Conference battle with Col U all those years ago.

  • Hartlepool just sacked Dave Jones, Jeff Stelling in the dugout for Saturday ??

  • Matthew Bates is doing it for 2 games, shame they didn't bring Ronnie Moore back in

  • @Glenactico said:
    We could really do with not only beating Morecombe but also netting a few goals in the process. That could lift us above Manfield on goal difference, which may yet be crucial.

    Yep. Mansfield are one GD ahead of us, but we have scored 4 more goals. Essentially, we need to win our two games by one more than they win theirs. That could be tense on the final day as the scores come through.

  • Can't wait.
    That later kick off time might actually make it feel more of a "special" occasion rather than an absolute ballsache after all

  • This thing about Morecambe always screwing us up. It's only happened once hasn't it?

    Our overall record vs them is very much favourable? Especially at their new ground which if I recall we have never lost at? 3 wins and a draw from memory but that may be incorrect.

  • In a way the excellent way we went about the Donny game made the losses to Cheltenham and County more irritating!

  • Presumably a loss to Cheltenham have been even more irritating than the draw we actually achieved.

  • edited April 2017

    Thanks @DevC I should have used the word 'performances perhaps, but I assume you get the point (or two dropped) I was making?

  • @micra said:
    I doubt whether Ellison is quick enough to catch Beano on present form.

    That's strange I heard Ellison loves the Beano and tries to catch it every week

  • Reality though Wendover is that by the very nature of this league, middleish table teams will win a few draw a few and lose a few seemingly at random. At Wk46, a team will be 7th and qualify for the playoffs. Probably a different team would have been 7th at Wk45 and probably a different one again if there was a 47th game. Good that yet again there is interest to the end of the season - must be a bit boring being for example Barnet.

  • Totally agree @DevC my point is throwing away a win against Cheltenham and struggling to beat an albeit fighting for their lives County on days when everyone else lost, is slightly more galling considering the fantastic (and it was) performance we turned in against a side like Donny.

  • Darren Drysdale is the referee at Morecambe, he has done a game of ours quite recently I seem to recall, not sure which one.

  • It was 18 February versus Carlisle.

  • If I recall correctly My Drysdale was terrible as well.

  • All referees are terrible. That is the base standard.

  • Amazing the correlation across internet football chat sites between home defeats and terrible refs........

  • The refs have been on the whole dreadful this year, win or lose.

  • Graham Horwood was exceptional on Saturday !!
    Credit where its due !!!

  • Apart from getting the biggest decision of the game wrong and not sending off their centre back he was generally good.

  • Under the new rules thats not a sending off !!

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