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Saturdays game

Hi and see you again when yyou go up in the play offs. On to the game i thought you played ok we did not play to out usual standard at all to mant had off days, but we move on but i thought we was controlig the game till May went off anyway hope you go up


  • Thought you were the best footballing side we've played this season, at least in the first half. Losing May early on was pivotal; he was causing all sorts of problems. Really hope you win the title and deprive the odious Derek Adams of any more satisfaction.

  • Cheers, @thevicar . Enjoyed watching your team: they played great football and totally agree about the impact of May going off.

    Fancy we may not see you next season. Good luck In League One and thanks for coming on here last week for a chat.

  • @thevicar a bit of a backhanded compliment, but one of the extra pleasures of the day was beating such a good consolation to you I know...but as @MindlessDrugHoover said...hope you clinch the title.

  • Thanks everyone for the chat, i will look out for your results next season , and look forward to chatting againand thanks for the wishes on winning the league

  • What a decent chap that @thevicar is

  • Really hope Doncaster win the league (and not ALL just because of Derek Adams). Great to have a friendly opposition fan pay a visit on here and hope you enjoyed your day despite the result.

  • In fairness, it's quite easy to accept a defeat when you've comfortably gained promotion.
    Nice chap though still i accept.

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