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  • Great report, thanks .

  • Pretty much as I recall it and thank you for the report.

  • Don't want to nit-pick, but to me it looked like Blooms was the man behind the front 2.

  • Excellent report Dale. Best home performance this year and possibly this season . Cracking end to end game. Everyone gave their all and it wasn't easy to decide who most justified Man of the Match. Luke for his brace perhaps or Marcus Bean for what, for me, was his most impressive performance in a Wycombe shirt.
    The referee wasn't Mark Heywood. It was Luton (boo) based Graham Horwood. Credit to him for eventually recognising that Bayo is fouled as much/more than he fouls himself.

  • Good report with scores even around the team, which is exactly why we won.

    The formation was interesting with the diamond midfield. Totally relied on energy of not just the four but every other player to fill spaces when they appeared. This was something that we did magnificently today - but not in previous weeks.

    Kashket is desperate for a goal but managed a pretty mature performance with his runs and supporting the midfield, the goals will come.

    To me the performance was summed up in the last minute of injury time with a clearly shattered Bayo chasing a speculative ball to ensure we kept possession and the win. He was not going to give up and neither was any one of those players.

    If only we could have played with so much commitment against some of the lesser teams we dropped points to.

  • Bayo was magnificent yesterday as all season. Loved it at the end, he was celebrating with the terrace big time. It is clear to see he is falling in love with the club. Ainsworth has done a remarkable job getting him firing like this,

  • For me the Bayo run and reaction at the end typified the whole game. I think it was when Bloomfield and ONien both came over to him to encourage him on too. Clearly the players wanted the win and were feeding off the energy from the terrace. Let's have more of this in the remaining games and see if we can make the playoffs.

  • Bayo has been an on-pitch cheerleader all season but yesterday 1-11 were pumped and they really need to recapture that against (with all due respect) lesser teams.
    I've not been a fan of Thompson for large parts of the season but the past few weeks he has played invaluable roles in the team. When he came on I was worried that it would be an energy drop and we certainly did not need that. He played like he was 10 years younger. Contract thoughts?
    Every tackle, every block, every chase resulted in fist bumps etc and that fires up everyone. Love it. Just love it.

  • edited April 2017

    Yesterday's performance encapsulates for me the whole Ainsworth approach. Huge energy and commitment that results in players giving their best and more can be summoned at times. Torquay, Spurs, yesterday to name three. And yet this disappears for periods leaving us with dull, no plan B football. Perhaps not surprising, it isn't possible to go 100% all the time. I wish the slumps weren't quite so long, the batteries could be recharged faster. I wonder if the players can keep up with Ainsworth's drive and if not what he needs to learn to progress as a manger is how to manage that. That said if club and supporters treat the next five games as we clearly did yesterday - a cup final mentality- then we're up at Wembley.

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