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Anyone on here know Micra in real life? He's not posted for 10 days or so, which is most unlike him. I know he's mentioned health issues recently. Hope he's alright.


  • He got arrested at Barnet. On remand pending reports.

  • @aloysius I had the same thought this morning. Hopefully, all is well.

  • If it's the chap I believe it is, he posted a mere 11 hours ago on the Anthony Ball WW facebook group page...

  • Appreciate the concern guys/gals. Went away for Easter and couldn't remember Gasroom password. Malone is on the ball as usual (re Facebook). I couldn't resist suggesting that, with three points from the last seven home games, talk of winning our last three games seemed pretty far-fetched!

  • Good to hear you're ok old son.

  • Cheers Dad!!

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