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Goal of the season vote.

edited April 2017 in Football

Official Vote here:

As last year i have added a poll, to have a "gasroom" goal of the season.

  1. Gasroom goal of the season45 votes
    1. Sido Jombati vs Grimsby (H)
    2. Paul Hayes vs Northampton (A)
    3. Myles Weston vs Plymouth (A)
    4. Scott Kashket vs Cheltenham (A)
    5. Sam Wood vs Newport (H)
    6. Paris Cowan-Hall vs Newport (H)
    7. Paul Hayes vs Tottenham (A)
    8. Paris Cowan-Hall vs Grimsby (A)
    9. Adebayo Akinfenwa vs Hartlepool (A)
    10. Sam Saunders vs Barnet (A)


  • Saunders by a distance.

  • I'm going for Hayes because a) it was a great goal and b) the shock and delight!

  • Got to be Hayes at Spurs, magic moment.

  • Saunders as you can see he knew what he was doing with the keeper so far off his line.

  • Surely Hayes volley at Fratton Park in the league game should've been a contender?

  • Really liked Sido's and Weston's but gone for Hayes

  • Hayes at Portsmouth was a beauty, but, for the reasons @Wendoverman gives, I'm for the Spurs one. Actually, the Thompson one was up there too - almost cruel that we scored it, but what a classic in every respect, starting with Weston skinning the England midfielder through to taking the lead with two minutes to go against Spurs.

    Does anyone else still find their insides twist when they think about that game?

  • @HCblue indeed...makes you wonder why Thommo has not shown that sort of pace and classic heading ability very much since..although his second Cheltenham goal at Adams Park was a beauty.

  • Weston by a mile for me. Simply because that pig Adams would have been spitting feathers and hopefully choking on his.celebratory glass of Scotch at the victory that never was!

  • Hayes at Tottenham easily.

  • Saunders goal was very nice, but if you like chips, Paris' was surely a better one. Unless you think it was a pure fluke, where Sam's clearly wasn't.

    Hayes was a great goal in terms of occasion, crisp volley on the wrong foot, and all with a backdrop of many of us doubting his inclusion.

    I think I most like Paris' 2 goals though.

  • @Wendoverman , i'm always surprised when a bit closer to the pitch than I usually sit of a weekend, to see what an absolute behemoth of a man Thompson is.

    I'm always surprised he doesn't dominate more players like he could with that physique. But then by trade he has been a winger, and while still physical, perhaps has those different strengths.

    An allowance few of us gave him when he was repeatedly asked to play central last year

  • Just watched the nominees we really have been spoilt this season (in the goal of the season competition) normallly there's 1 shot from distance with a couple of free kicks to choose from, Saunders for me this season

  • 10 goals only 2 at home. I think that sums up our season. Best (if he meant it) PCH at AP.
    Favourite Hayes at Spurs just because the elation was unforgettable.
    I know no one of any significance at the club reads this forum, but surely the silly narrowing of AP is only benefitting the visitors.

  • Bearing in mind wide players aren't really our focus, would widening the pitch actually help? Or has this become a bit of a misconception, as it seemed such a cynical unusual step?

  • Hayes vs Spurs 1st for me as ticks every box with the Saunders goal a spectacular and Sam Wood and Kashkets both technically difficult and well taken selection this year tough

  • Hayes as they are asking for goal of the season I'm going for the one we're going to be talking about years hence

  • Indeed @Malone and he looked like he'd lost a bit of timber over the lay-off too, so I had high hopes of him this season.

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