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Right the misses wants to spend a Saturday together so I have option of last game of the season or this Saturday.
I have chosen last game of the season.
Thing is her friends work have got a box at the franchise this weekend against Sheffield utd, free tickets and food, her friend has asked if my misses and myself would like to join them.

Do I stand my ground and stick by my principles by not going anywhere near it. Or do a bite the bullet.
She has already said yes to her friend.


  • Is this go to MK this weekend and/or go to WWFC last game of season or WWFC this weekend ?

    If MK and still go to last game then score brownie points go to MK on a jolly and support Sheffield, for doing what the missus wants and spending time with her (yet still watching a match) you can give yourself good license for last game

  • Make sure you wear a Sheffield shirt.

  • Give her the choice between which two wycombe home games she wants to join you at.

  • Each to their own, but I'd politely decline. Then less politely decline if I got asked again afterwards.

  • Explain to her that Winklemans dreams of premier league status are in tatters and the place stands as a monument to failed greed then give her a quick history lesson including the property deal behind the franchise and the hurt inflicted on real Dons fans in the process . Finally bury her car keys in the garden.

  • Go wearing a Wycombe shirt.

  • ...a Wycombe shirt with Ainsworth on the back should endear you to both sets of supporters.

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