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On the edge of something special..WWFC

Dare I say it, but I feel promotion beckons and with the style of football, attitude and staff at WWFC, everyone associated with the club should all be very proud. Colonel Hayesy since coming back has been immense, Nico and Sam have got better and better and give 100%, great to see from end of season loanee's. The back 4 that any team in div 1 or 2 would look at.

Woody for me typifies us, goals, assists, boundless but intelligent energy. Watching Wycombe is exciting and the spirit is there for all to see. So for good Friday, sod family, get a rollicking from the mrs, leave the painting til next week and lets rock Adams park off its hinges and get 3 points against those Poxford goons.

Well Done Gareth, we're all behind you mate. #COYB


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