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Match day thread: Dagenham & Redbridge

Wycombe: Ingram, Yennaris, Jacobson, Mawson, Pierre, Saunders, Bloomfield, Bean, Wood, Hayes, McClure.

Subs: Subs: Lynch, Rowe, Murphy, Craig, Ephraim, Onyedinma, Holloway.

Dagenham: Cousins, Doe, Bingham, Cureton, Ogogo, Chambers, Howell, Hemmings, Obileye, Boucaud, Widdowson.

Subs: Moore, Doidge, Labadie, Partridge, Gayle, Jones, Jakubiak.


  • Great piece on Soccer Saturday 14.50 if you can watch it on some sort of catch up TV

  • bury vs southend abandoned

  • Perfect day as we're 7 points abopve Bury and have a better goal difference of 9 so the pressure is all on them to try and catch us.

  • Not the best game of football today, in my opinion, particularly the first half. But you can't complain about another away win!

    Good decision by Ainsworth to bring Fred on at 60 minutes, I don't think its a coincidence that we scored shortly after. I'll be sad to see him go at the end of the season.

  • It was a dog's arse of a game basically but who cares - 3 points are what matters. Thank f@@k for that shocking Cureton shank near the end though.

  • Listening to player I was worried when we missed the chance to go two up. Then they were breaking and we open up for a draw! This season the Gods are smiling on the Chairboys! BTW, should Bury keep their form up it looks like most of the points needed predictions are out the window big time! COYB!!!!

  • Have to say it was a very unwatchable first half. Second half wasn't much better until Fred came on. That switch seemed to give our crowd and the team a much needed boost. Clearly made the difference. Maybe not for the goal, but the general tempo and balance of the game tipped in our favour. An ugly win, but three points was the main aim and as such mission accomplished. Onwards and upwards.

  • Considering our previous couple of performances at that ground, coming away with anything is a relief! Another crucial three points, and the pressure is firmly on Burton on Monday evening. Anything other than a win for them then puts both us and Shrewsbury right back in with a shout of the championship.

  • I couldn't believe we didn't start with the 4231 that had been so profligate! I think if Saunders would've been in the middle, we would've run riot today.

    Still, a very professional second half, and 3 points closer.

  • Thoughly deserved the 3 points today..should have been 2 or 3 . Dagenham didn't offer too much other than the long ball to cureton.

  • Dagenham tried a lot of early balls over the top to try and beat out high line. Ingram had to be on his toes on several occasions. Should have had a second goal.

  • Stunning noise from the Chairboys fans today. Well done everyone. As said above poor game but great win. surprised to see Matt McClure start ahead of Holloway, I felt for Matt as he tried but was just off the pace, we were noticeably more effective after the change. A few fans near me (not the brightest) certainly have it in for Bean, whilst he is no long term replacement for Josh Scowen (scored today) he broke up countless Daggers moves and is a worthy starter, allowing the 2 Sams to be more adventurous. MOM for me today was Joe Jacobson.

  • As an aside, I also noted Jimmy Floyd-Hasselebank turn up at the game today. He must feel that we are a threat watching us for the second time this week?

  • Sam Saunders was absolutely immense today. Gave it 100 per cent the whole game. I couldn't quite believe Cureton's miss at the end, he always seems to score against us. Fantastic support today 788!!!

  • Yeah, I had no idea why Holloway didn't start either if we were going to be hoofing it all the time. I don't think anyone's ever questioned McClure's desire or workrate but he was having no joy whatsoever today vs the D&R backline.

  • Rubbish game today but with a very good reason - the strong wind blowing across the ground. If anybody has played football you will know how difficult it is to play in such conditions. Lost count of the number of balls that ended up in the factory downwind of the ground.

  • Ah, that was nothing. I remember when we played D&R the season after they came up from the conf, when they were pure, unashamed John Still kick 'n' rush (Saunders was in their side).

    I kid you not, there must have been over 20 balls punted out of the ground.

    Agreed about the wind...but if anything you'd think that would be greater incentive to keep it on the deck rather than hoof it.

  • @PBo, as you have stated about the wind, can't get much of an incentive to keep the ball on the deck.

  • Different clips, impressive away following.

  • Many thanks for that @niebieski . Interesting and encouraging.

  • Nice clip. Hope Woody has a few more training videos too.

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