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  • The owners of Granada are Chinese. Looking at the way Chinese clubs throw silly money at generally has been players they haven't got a lot of football sense. Probably read he was Arsenal and England captain so must be good.

  • How much longer can he trade on non-managerial past glories for management positions? His record is so sub-par that he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a professional club's U18 team.

    • Wycombe, sacked after one season and responsible for relegation
    • Portsmouth, sacked after 16 games with 10 points
    • Gabala FC, left after just over a year
  • An absolute disaster of a man.

    He'll not last long.

  • He knows the very rich Chinese owner and had worked for him in China. Appointed Director of football...first decision...sack the manager...second decision appoint himself.
    Third decision...give himself a vote of confidence despite relegation (probably)

  • When I first saw the headline, I assumed it was a typo and he had in fact been named head coach of the Grenada national team. This is an astounding appointment and one that I suspect won't end well for the club.

    Absolute lunatic of a manager.

  • @Jonny_King I was the same...I thought he had bagged himself a few months in the Caribbean

  • To be fair, they are seven points adrift in the relegation zone with seven games left. They will go down, with or without the help of Mr Adams. If its just interim until the end of the season when they appoint a permanent successor, he will not be able to do too much harm. If he is in charge next season.............

  • edited April 2017

    "i won't sign sheds"
    "i've done the budget"
    "he wouldn't have the intellect to understand the physiology of what he'd done if i explained" (paraphrased about Senda eating an apple)

    Writing off the season as a dead duck on his autumn.
    Writing off our best 2 players, Simpson and Currie as some sort of bad eggs
    Doubting Roger Johnson was even a league 2 centre back. A few seasons before he hit the Premier league.
    Wreck of a man

  • Whilst his managerial record leaves a lot to be desired to describe anyone who has battled alcoholism and emerged seemingly triumphantly on the other side as 'an absolute disaster of a man' and a 'wreck of a man' is bewildering frankly shame on you

  • I'll say no more on this, as i'm guessing yours and my opinions will be wildly different on his behaviour.

  • @Dickie it was pretty obvious people were talking about his football record. You had to take quite a long walk to get to alcoholism and be offended by those comments I think.

  • Granada must be Radio Rentals..

  • Quick update here. Poor old Tony has played 5, lost 5, and had the piss taken out of him by the Real Madrid subs for his choice of waistcoat.

  • Good news, thanks Bill.

  • I seem to remember he had a slightly "avant garde" clothing choice at times during his stay here. I'm not surprised he was the focus of some urine extraction.

  • Appointing Adams makes the Gary Neville farcical appointment look well thought out

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