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Can we please switch to light blue shorts v Oxford and Exeter at least!

I might be superstitious but under the floodlights at Luton last Tuesday I thought our kit looked so much better with light blue shorts. It was far easier to pick out at distance and it was another great away win. Regarding the Oxford and Exeter home games, we've got to break this "non-Saturday" home game hoodoo. As both Oxford and Exeter normally play in navy blue and black shorts respectively, can we please do the honours and let them play in their normal kit while we wear light blue shorts in an attempt to win a non-Saturday home fixture for the first time in over three years? Anything's worth a try!!!


  • Totally agree Mr Worboys,the quarters look far better with light blue or white shorts.
    It would be interesting if any of the stattos could come up with our win ratio when wearing light shorts with the quarters in comparison to the dark ones.

  • And the whole team should be encouraged to wear their lucky pants

  • Good point Mr Worboys. I'm just surprised that nobody else has suggested the change to lighter shorts so that the team could be picked out more easily under the lights, Or maybe..!

  • Can't stand light blue shorts. Looks naff.

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