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Danny Rowe

Dan (as he now appears to be called) made a relatively rare appearance for Barrow on Saturday, coming on before half time in place of the injured right back. It was only his eighth appearance and I wonder if we will see him at AP next season.



  • Doesn't sound too promising at all.

    He'll do well to get into a midfield 3 with Saunders, Gape and O Nien, and extra well to make a back 4 place his.

  • He has the right to hang around and draw a salary if he wants, of course. My guess is no though.

    Of the contracted players, wouldn't be at all surprised to see Brown go to Cheltenham, and possibly Southwell to Lincoln and maybe even Jombati will want out.

    Of those out of contract, expect Stewart, Akinfenwa and probably Wood and Bloomfield to stay another year but goodbye to Pierre, Bean, Thompson and Freeman-Francis.

  • Fair comments Dev.
    I'd like to see Nick Francis-Freeman and Dayle Southwell stay.

  • Who is Nick Francis-Freeman?

  • From what I've seen of Danny Rowe he seems a more that useful squad player and arguably a starter. Decent distribution and breaks up play well. I can't really understand why he struggled to get game time with us, let alone Barrow.

  • I think Rowe's main problem is his fitness restricting his game time. I still think he's a better centre back than midfielder too. Sometimes being adaptable gets you in the squad but rarely in the team.
    Would be sad to see him go as I thought he had everything needed to fit the 'grow others youth team players' model that the manager and chairman talk about.
    Not gracing the derail above with comment. This is Dan Rowe's thread.

  • I would keep Rowe next season can play a number of positions and still young so has time to develop. Some tough decisions for Ainsworth in the summer with regards to out of contract players. Thompson, Bean, Freeman i think will leave. Pierre unlikely to sign new deal. Stewart and Bayo i think will stay. That leaves Wood and Blooms who have been fantastic servants for the club but maybe time so say goodbye?

  • @Midlander said:
    Who is Nick Francis-Freeman?

    It's Nick Freeman but a Gasroom poster who is very rarely able to watch games referred to him a few months back as Nick Francis.
    I was nice to him above but he was indeed derailing the thread. I rather compounded the felony by omitting to say that I would be delighted if Dan is retained. With Pierre likely to move on (and possibly Stewart also) his versatility would be valuable either as a central defender or defensive midfielder.

  • We will keep him, he has a 3 year deal anyway. Dont write him off yet. Barrow are having there most successful season since not being re-elected into the Football league back in the early 70's. Under the ownership of a Dallas businessman who was born in Barrow (£600,000 was a bargain) They still have a great chance of making the play offs and getting back in the Football league and I believe that they are not really much weaker in playing strength than us. So he is at a club with a very good squad and a full time squad. The other consideration is Danny is still young and being a lad from Billingham he will probably thrive on being nearer his home town for a bit. I think Danny is a fantastic sweeper in front of the back 4, clearing up trouble. He is also a great passer of the ball. But he needs to cement a place in the team or as a permanent bench option next season.

  • That's good to hear @M3G. I can see him filling the covering role very well. I like Marcus Bean for his 100% effort and total commitment but it often seems a bit "whirling dervish" . Dominic Gape, when fit, brings more class and control to the role but Dan(ny) Rowe's extra height is a bonus, especially at corners and free kicks.

  • I am afraid Barrow's forum is not overly complimentary on Rowe's efforts. I had high hopes when he came this time around, I thought it might be that seasons Pierre, but I wonder if Rowe might need to do a Angol/Morias and drop down a level or two to play games, learn his trade and rebuild his confidence. I think a mutual deal will be done in the summer.

    As an aside, this is Dominic Gape's first season playing professional first team football. Perhaps not surprising that he is knackered, mentally and physically. I suspect he will regain his form for next season.

  • I like Danny Rowe very much indeed and it frustrates me that we have seen very little of him this season. The Barrow thing is a bit of a headscratcher - they were singing his praises when they had him on loan previously and it gave him an opportunity (as I recall requested by GA) to ply his trade as a midfielder. I'm disappointed for Danny they've not used him much this loan period and have also been making use of his adaptability rather than playing him in a position which he could gain useful experience to bring back to WWFC.

    I can't see why he'd be let go at the end of this season, unless he's fed up of being a bench-warmer and agitates to leave. He could play an important role next season, especially if Bean leaves as expected. If we're to play with two defensive midfielders at the base of a triangle again, we'll need cover for O'Nein and Gape injuries and suspensions. I'm also yet to be convinced that Dominic Gape is a much better player than Danny. They both have good passing range and intelligence. They can both bomb forward and attack. While Gape is better at harrying than Rowe, Rowe is, in my opinion, a better tackler. He's also more of a threat at set plays. I think competition between them next season could be very healthy and, hopefully, productive.

  • He will not be let go at the end of the season unless he asks to leave and we agree - contracts dear boy.

    I think he will feel he needs to play. Conference, maybe even conference north, and try to build back from there.

  • What do you mean by "a mutual deal" Dev ? "Thought it might be the that season's Pierre?" Pierre cut the mustard straight away in his debut season and as far as I can recall showed little sign of being mentally or physically exhausted . And what makes you think Danny has lost confidence?

  • ....."that season's Pierre "I have a problem. The keyboard box keeps covering the comment box so I can't see what I'm typing!

  • Pierre and Rowe joined for the first time fairly closely together as I recall and I believe were generally accepted to have played to roughly the same standard that first season. Rowe I believe at the time was rumoured to be being watched by premier league teams.

    Since then they have gone in different directions. I think Rowe needs to play every week now. He is unlikely to do that at Adams Park. I suspect it is likely that both sides will agree for his contract will be torn up ("a mutual deal" ) in the summer.

  • I really do hope you're wrong. Still typing blind incidentally. Will be forced back to the laptop.That's what I thought you meant Dev. Last sentence was the first I typed. Don't know how it became last . Calling it s day for today. Grass to cut!

  • Reads like total nonsense!

  • Sounds like you may have smoked it first, Micra.

  • Indeed.

  • Rowe is the classic utility player. But generally while that suits the team, it can be a case that the player never establishes himself in 1 position.

    It's a huge summer for young Mr Rowe.

  • Dan Rowe played the full 90 minutes for Barrow in their win tonight over Chester.

  • That's good to hear.

  • Keyboard still obscuring what I'm typing. Anyone know how to fix it?

  • @micra I know I might be stating the obvious, but have you tried Youtube for a solution, alternatively going to an Apple outlet?
    Bear in mind I'm utter pants in the technical department, also I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, but they are my usual "go to" places.

  • My phone won't even let me log-in to the gasroom...which is probably a relief for many.

  • scroll lock on?

  • @micra, can you simply tilt your phone the other way. ie usually type in landscape, and change to portrait?
    May give more room to see what you're writing, and save us from thinking some illiterate goon is mashing their keyboard with mittens on whilst blindfolded?

  • Landscape has always been difficult but I'm using it now and can see the line I am - oh bollocks what I'm now typing is obscured by the top of the key -board box the section with "Done" in it top right. I'll pop in to EEshop tomorrow. Thanks for all the suggestions. Shame they don't work! Bye gofor now

  • On laptop now. I've gone on about the iPhone (Apple 5S Ewan) long enough but just wanted to say thanks to those who have made suggestions - even Dev's non-tech but entirely realistic one, but I can get to the EE shop easily enough.

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