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Ticket pricing

Huddersfield have just released pricing for next year. First 17,000 sold will be £199 for an adult for the season. Fantastic initiative but unfortunately hard for League 2 teams to emulate.


  • The only way I could see us trying similar, is if we set an uplift target, and set tiers of discount beyond that.

    So, say we had 2,500 this year

    Target 3,000

    If we go 3,000, everyone gets xx% off their bought ticket
    if we go 3,200, a higher tier discount etc

    Gets a bit admin heavy though.

    We clearly can't do what Huddersfield do, as the usual people would get the benefit, at no guaranteed benefit to us

  • Maybe something like... (Assuming we currently have 2,000 ST holders)... If we get 2,500 all season ticket holders get 2 cup games free. If we get 3000 they get 4 (assuming JPT is a group thing again).

    If we get 3,500 they get a club shop voucher for x amount

  • It's not admin heavy if you plan it with even a half decent CRM.

  • An uplift target might work. I think we have circa 2000 season ticket holders now so set a target of say 2500.

    Tomorrow would have been a good time to put them on sale with a few extra fans down at the ground.

  • @Username , decent, but I think the problem with that is whether you're allowed to do such a thing, as any cup opponent wouldn't be best pleased their income is being affected.
    Imagine the scenes when you tell the away club that they're getting next to zero, as from the 3,000 fans we had there, 2,500 of them were freebies!

  • I think the way that would work with the cup games @Malone is that every bum on a seat (that hasn't purchased an individual ticket for the game) is assumed to have paid a full price adult ticket.

    I think discounting everyone's ticket once certain thresholds are reached is a decent idea and would certainly incentivise people to spread the word.

  • Agreed @Glenactico and they could also do a terrace adult season ticket for say £200.

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