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High Wycombe

Hello Wycombe fans Notts fan here i just wanted to ask if anyone could offer me the best route to adams park?

i will be arriving by train early so will do the walk to the ground as long walks dont bother me at all but ive heard wycombe isnt the most nicest town and has its share of trouble and theft.

What would be the safest route youd suggest ive also heard of places like desbrough i belive its called which is a no go zone and if anyone can recommend a decent ale pub id be grateful thank you very much



  • Preparation is vital. Each area has its own hazards I would take rope, a canteen of water, food, matches and beads that you could use to barter with the natives

  • Is it that bad then

  • To be completely safe I'd stick to Amersham or Beaconsfield; the parts of Wycombe that aren't riot zones are set aside for breeding Jihadists.

  • You have heard wrong then

  • Wycombe is not a rough place. It might not be the nicest town in the world aesthetically, but the chances of you getting mugged or beaten up on the 40 minute walk from the station to the ground is almost nil.

    Far more likely to happen in Nottingham.

    Nowhere is a no-go zone. Have you been watching fraudulent British security and terrorism experts on Fox News?

  • No but thats okay least i know il be fine i also read that there is a three tuns ale pub situated in the town is that still around

  • The Bootlegger right by the station has a wide selection of beer but you can't wear club colours in the pub so wear a jumper over the top. And a stab-proof vest for the walk.

  • Hello Stead30, don't believe all you hear about Wycombe I'm not aware of any no go zones.

    Opposite the station unbelievably Wycombe breaks the rule of the nearest pub to the station being a bad one) you have the Bootlegger with a wide selection of ales from there out the door turn right a few 100 yrds and you're on the highstreet. Turn right and as you pootle along you'll have the 3 Tuns (was Hob Goblin for a long time but back to original name) on your left as you continue down the high street on you left there is the Falcon (a Wetherspoons, not great but cheap) or on the otherside of the road the Antelope. As you follow the road round the corner past the church and Primarni and past a Greggs towards Frogmore head towards the big roundabout and Sainsburys and there you'll find the William Loosley (another Wetherspoons but nicer than the Falcon). As you leave there turn right out the door and walk along the West Wycombe road go across the cross roads past the vets and you'll have 2 pubs next door to each other The Bird in Hand and The White Horse. The first is a normal enough old pub nothing special but ok, the second was once included in the series of toughest pubs in the country but has long since lost that claim to fame and is just rough and not one to take the kids to on match day as will have the possibly once were exotic dancers stripping in the bar.

    Continue walkling from there along the same side of the West Wycombe Road past BP garage for a fair way until you come to Mill End Road and turn down there. Walk along and about half way you'll come to the corner plaice chippy if you need to soak up some of that beer, continue past there and on the mini roundabout you'll see the nearest pub to the ground The Hour Glass. Leaving the Hour Glass turn left and follow the crowds into Lane End Road heading towards the ground for a 10min stroll and if you've energy, money and still got the legs there's a choice of 2 bars in the Ground. Total distance about 3.5miles, there's a bus back from the ground to the station if you can't make the return leg.

    Safe trip, hope you enjoy the day and with the best will in the world don't go home with any points

  • Haha least you lot can have a laugh

  • The no-go zones are clearly signposted and most of them are surrounded by a 15ft truck-proof border wall so you should be fine.

  • no kids be coming strippers on way back if we win as a bonus but cheers guys thanks for youre help and infomation

  • Just one minor correction there Crabbie old chap. William Loosely is no longer a Weatherspoons. Got sold to another chain, whose name escapes me. It still exists with the same formula though. Cheap food and beer.

  • Il mainly just go for ale and probaly a pizza on way back to many pissheads in weatherspoons most of time

  • cheers Ewan good to know not a Wetherspoons anymore, does that mean we're going up market ! ? shurely not

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    Its probaly just had a name change

  • The William Robert Loosely is still listed as being a J D Wetherspoon's pub on the net.

  • If you go to the bootleggers you can work your way along the bar, watch the early kick off then nip back and catch the bus to the ground (1305 & 1405 I think - £3 return). Have a pee before you leave the pub though - it can take a while).

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    As you leave the station turn right up Amersham Hill. At the top there is a cable car (only £4 rtn) which offers great views of the town without having to walk through. You get off just above the Hour Glass which is 10 mins walk from ground. I think they do match day discounts but not sure. Well worth it either way. Good luck.

  • @Stead30 if you've walked back into Nottingham via the meadows and survived, you have little to fear. Except the 'quality' of the ale in some of the establishments.

    This place is decent for a beer

    Right near Primarni and a bit like Nottingham boozers Crafty Crow & Junkyard / Herbert Kilpin.

  • I can assure you @ValleyWanderer the Loosely is no longer a "Spoons". Still can't remember the name of the group, try Stonegate? @crabbie I believe the new owners are trying to "raise the profile " as it were. Coffee went down to 99p but no longer on a refill deal. Traditional breakfast dropped to £3 upped on quality, (particularly the sausage), but cut back on quantum, particularly the beans & hash browns. Only been once so not often enough to decide if it's for the better yet.

  • after just reading @crabbie directions post... ive decided stuff driving.... i fancy that as well !! haha

  • Turn left out of the Hour Glass (as Crabbie suggests) and you'll be heading away from the ground towards the Golden Ball which is definitely not a pub. Turn right and go with the flow! Enjoy your visit but no nicking the points please.

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    I walk to every home game from Hazlemere takes about an hour and a quarter. Very pleasant stroll.I cut a corner by walking across the field behind the school on Mill End Road.

  • @woodlands said:
    I walk to every home game from Hazlemere takes about an hour and a quarter. Very pleasant stroll.I cut a corner by walking across the field behind the school on Mill End Road.

    Do you walk home?

  • The walk time dont bother me much i walked to cheltenham from the station said it was 40 mins i walked an jogged a bit to cut the time down suppose thats the advantage of being young.

    Also i cant gaurentee we wont nick points away from home were hit an miss at home diffrent story i expect a good game and a decent away following anyway i look forward to my visit and some decent ales.

    Cheers guys

  • @Stead30 You probably should stop taking travel tips from the South Bucks tourist board!
    High Wycombe is hardly Monte Carlo and you might pass through some down-at-heel areas on the walk to Adams Park, but I can practically guarantee you won't have any trouble at all.
    The Bootlegger (I always make a point of wearing my Wanderers scarf in there to troll them), Three Tuns/Hobgoblin, Falcon and the Red Squirrel pseudo-pub should be more than enough for a pre-match sesh with a good variety of quality ales.

  • my apologies for the misdirection from the Hour Glass meant right not left as you leave, but I was on the 8th pub by then so was doing well to be moving at all

  • Rest assured Mr Stead30, we are often most generous in helping out teams who have struggled away from home. As long as your players can finish off the gifts ours present to them, you should do just fine.

  • Stead will finish so to forte an ameobi and grant so if there generous enuough im sure theyl take them but il wait an see as we are unpredictable away from home.

    We beat plymouth away then lose to donny

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