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'Beamback' (Luton Vs. Carlisle)

Anyone know how Luton managed this and whether we've considered something similar?

I thought it was not permitted (unless the game is being broadcast on Live TV anyway).


  • Tuesday night games are not banned by law to be screened unlike Saturday 3pm ones.

  • Midlander is right, only 3pm kick offs have this restriction.

  • Could be a decent money spinner for the club if we could beam back some of our lengthy away trips.
    Although you don't want to discourage too many from going. But I dare say anyone going 200miles on a midweeker would go whether it's on beamback or not

  • Why can't they beam every match via a subscription such as Player. Chairboys abroad would jump at the chance!

  • Why not play back Saturday away games early Sunday morning in the vere for a fee with breakfast Rolls and tea I'd jump at that

  • Can you imagine the queues down Hillbottom Road on a Sunday morning to watch a full length replay of a 1-0 defeat at Morecambe or wherever?

  • @Morris_Ital that is a cracking idea. And would probably drag in enough people to make it worthwhile.

  • An interesting idea, but can you honestly tell me that many fans would bother turning up to merely watch a re-run of one of our games?
    Maybe some of the pure anorak types, who'd have been there anyway, and would probably have spent hours on their return watching the player highlights, but anyone else?!

  • I reckon 50 people would be interested surely making it worthwhile

  • Lovely idea but I think you'd struggle to get 5 people along.

  • I have to be honest, there's a fair few Wycombe games i'm actually at that aren't that enjoyable. And that's with that "magic" air that anything can happen.

    Live beamback of the midweekers, by all means, though possibly still fairly limited, but delayed showing? No chance

  • I think the best way to estimate this would be how many Chairboys Player subscribers we have in the High Wycombe area?

    I think many people who tune in on a Tuesday to listen to us play the likes of Hartlepool and Carlisle would probably be interested in popping down to the Vere Suite instead to watch it on the telly, have a beer and a chat.

  • @bill_stickers. That is my exact profile as a chairboys player subscriber. I would deffo pop down to the club and watch a beam back over a beer and a chat with other supporters.

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    @AlanCecil , possible idea? Beambacks of Tuesday away games?

  • Anybody any idea how much a beam back costs and hence how many you need to break even. Fairly material fact I'd have thought.

  • Would love mid week games to be beamed on player. Would liven up my office on a Tuesday afternoon, in US so ko would be 2.45pm, perfect way to spend the rest of the afternoon.

  • Thanks for the answers!

    I doubt we could do it on player. For one thing the technology probably doesn't support it. And I suspect there are restrictions on broadcasting over the Internet. Then again, I was surprised to find it could be broadcast to a location (I.e a football ground).

    Showing a Tuesday night away game certainly seems worthy of a trial run to me. But of course cost would be the main inhibitor.

    At a very rough estimate I imagine we might get 200-300 people along to watch a game at the bar(s) at the ground. Each paying £10-20 for the privelage (say, £5 entry plus varying spend on food/drink). It would be interesting to trial it and see if we could break even.

    Also, it is not unthinkable that London-based away fans might consider watching at AP as well. Were we to play Plymouth or even Portmsouth away on a Tuesday night, for instance, we might have as many opposition supporters interested in watching it at AP as Wycombe fans.

  • We'd then have to pay some stewards to keep the rival fans apart ;-)

  • Haven't studies been done to show it would be cheaper for Sky Sports to transport their viewing audience to and from the games they were watching on TV and pay for their match ticket than to pay for the TV rights for that match?

    I can see live beam backs happening in time but it will eventually kill the game as people choose to watch on their phone rather than go to the match.

  • I quite like the thought of everyone avoiding the score on the Saturday so as to watch it 'as live' on a Sunday morning down at the ground!! I'm sure there was an episode of the likely lads along those lines.

  • @Dickie That's the routine for my son and I most Saturdays: watch Wycombe and keep up with the League Two scores, plus other EFL and National League, but hands over ears when the Premier League scores are read out, no radio on the drive home and no news on TV afterwards, all so we can watch Match Of The Day on Sunday morning without knowing the scores in advance.

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