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Away fans standing at Luton

from the highlights it would seem that 95% of the away following were stood from the front row to the back. Although a minor point, in my personal opinion it makes for a great viewing on the highlights/ makes the atmosphere even better! Some may argue it makes no difference but I enjoy a completely standing away end


  • completely agree

  • There is little choice but to stand in that toilet. The seating was designed for dwarves. Anyone over five feet tall has no chance of sitting without becoming an amputee. That is why I refuse to go there and give that club any money for what is the most disgusting abuses under The Trades Description Act, to call that a seating area. Watched the match at AP and gave my money to our club. Great shame as it's nowhere near as good as being there, but my arthritic knees just can't take the agony anymore!

  • @EwanHoosaami you could have taken an inflatable chair and sat at the front?

  • @EwanHoosaami totally agree. Worst away end in the game. I watched from home on Tuesday but did put a table up against my knees to imagine being there.

  • Is the away seating really worse than at accrington?

  • Clubs should be allowed to rip out old seating areas on terraces and put it back to its former state. I don't know if any of you have stood on that end (Oak Tree end) in the old days. I went donkeys years ago late 70's they still had that awful caged section in fact one of the first clubs to do this back then. But it was a great end as a terrace. It could and should be re-introduced as one as its the same steps as back then anyway underneath, just had those stupid seats bolted to it. Bring back standing everywhere that's what I say.

  • @M3G I did stand on those terraces in the 70's. It was a dump then, but at least you felt that you hadn't been crippled during the match, well not inside anyway. Outside sometimes it was running the gauntlet a bit!

  • It is a great away end. Dark and pokey with a proper atmosphere. Not like the crappy breeze block and Perspex rubbish we'll be stuck in tomorrow.

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