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The Opposition View - Grimsby Town


  • edited March 2017

    Surprisingly fair comments. I would agree with several of them that a draw would have been a fair result, although only one team (us) ever looked like winning it at 1-1 and whilst they were the better team first half they were not 'dominant'.

    It seems many of their fans still haven't seen highlights of the 'incident'. I don't see any players stopping, and only after we score does one of theirs run to the player down. I'm convinced most didn't know there was a player hurt.

    The ref, who made so many odd decisions yesterday, should have stopped the game imediately if he saw the player down and not moving.

  • Not as bad as i expected.

  • I only saw the highlights but it looked like a split second incident and there is no way the injury to the player was picked up before PCH scored so unless the ref decides to rule it out. I cannot see the problem.

  • Best wishes that the Grimsby player makes a full recovery as it looked like quite a knock.

  • He's recovering well according to the Tweet Wycombe retweeted earlier but has to stay at hoe for a week, as is standard procedure for concussion. A very nasty incident, but it's obvious even from the highlights that Paris couldn't have known what had happened. And only one Grimsby player went over to him, and that was after the goal went in. Ref should have spotted it and blown.

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