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Why is or final game of the season (6th May), not 3pm KO?

I was under the impression that all games had to kick off at 3pm to ensure that no advantage is gained. Is there a reason? Are all Div 2 games on that day kicking off later?


  • Do keep up old son.
    They've changed the whole scheduleto 5.30 to try and whip up some last day excitement.
    They can't televise at 3pm

  • So it's for TV again then. Than k you. Apologies for not keeping up, must try and only have WWFC in my life.

  • Yep, it's not like it was announced 4-6 weeks ago, and has been furiously debated or anything like that.

  • Haha, very good. Thank you Malone. I am just a David Coleman / teleprinter fan.

  • In seriousness though, it sounds a right pain, and we're mildly "lucky" we have a home game, and not some 200mile trek.

    I would snap anyone's hand off for us to still have a chance of the playoffs by this game too!

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