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  • Job to know just who will be available tomorrow. I'm sure I heard that Dominic Gape had been unwell. If so, I hope he's now restored to rude health. But bigger misses are JJ (for sure) with his 11 assists and Scott Kashket whose groin problem may be rather more serious than we all hoped. Aaron Pierre's ankle problem also seems to be worse than originally thought.
    Because of recent results, 2-1 sounds optimistic but, by all accounts (I can't get to away games), we've been playing quite well without being able to capitalise on good approach work. In that respect I hope Dayle Southwell returns on 4 March.
    Of course both he and Lincoln City will probably be keen to extend his loan spell!

  • Will be interesting to see how Dean Cox influences the game with our narrow formation.

    I'd take a draw if I'm honest

  • Funny how Southwell seems to have gone from messiah to useless to messiah all in one season and the last transformation without actually playing any games.

    Reading the rules, I cant quite see how he could possibly be eligible to pay league football again this season. Rules apply to conference clubs for playyers going out (52.5.3) , loan has to be for a period between two transfer windows (53.1.1, so in this case Jan-end of season), early termination can only be after 28 days and in a transfer window (53.1.3).

    Am I missing something?

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    "Dayle Southwell has moved to National League leaders Lincoln City on a one-month loan deal to benefit from first-team football."

    "We look forward to welcoming him back in a month’s time when he’ll be able to offer real tough competition in our attack.”


  • 52.2 The Temporary Loan Transfer of a Contract Player shall only be approved for a defined period (which must begin and end within the period of the Contract Player’s registration with the Transferor Club) and is subject to the conditions of such Temporary Loan Transfer being known to the Contract Player and approved by The League prior to registration with The League.

    Defined period is one month.

  • I saw the article Vital, but I can't see how a one month loan and then Southwell returning to play for WWFC this seaon is allowable under the football league rules.

    Righty rightly mentions 52.2 but misses that the defined period under 53.1.1 must be subject to the proviso that the duration of a Standard Loan must be the time between two Transfer Windows,, i.e. a half season or full season.

    What have I missed?

  • You certainly were missing something @DevC . I found the quote by GA but had no idea how to get the link into a Gasroom post. Thanks as always to Vital.
    On a separate point, I would like to distance myself from your suggestion of fickleness about Dayle's value to the team. I have consistently recognised and commented on his admirable qualities both on and off the pitch. The only 'fans' who may have described him as useless are probably those (mainly on Facebook) for whom nuance is a dirty word.

  • Is it more a question of what Kelly Francis found? Dunno.

  • Thanks Micra. I can see the quote. I just don't see how one month loans fit into the football league rules (including loans to National league teams).

    I guess if it is acceptable for players to go on 28 day loans to NL and then play league football before the next window, there must have been examples by now. Anyone know any?

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    Off the top of my head, and having no wish to trawl through the FA rules... I suspect that if he can come back under the rules he will and if he cannot come back under the rules he won't. So if we see him on the pitch he can and has come back if we don't he cannot and hasn't.

  • After having read the regulations a couple of times @DevC does seem to be right. The club can't have got this wrong though, surely?

  • Wasn't Col U's goalscorer on Tuesday someone who had just been recalled from a National League loan to play?

  • Yup @Right_in_the_Middle I was told he was recalled from loan at Braintree due to Col U massive inury list. I'm sure 'we cannot buy a goal at the moment' is also a suitable reason for recall..

  • That relates to a "standard loan"

    Southwell is (was) on a "temporary loan"

  • No that's not it either Eric.

    A "temporary loan transfer" is defined as "‘Temporary Loan Transfer’ means a Standard Loan or International Loan, but excludes any Emergency Goalkeeper Loan completed in accordance with Regulation 55."

    I rather agree with Chris, there must be an exemption somewhere, but I can't see it.

  • Yep, good point

    I'm sure the club know what they are doing

  • So going back to the Crawley match. Maybe we can revert to 4-4-2 and try and match the away teams numbers in the middle of the park.
    Taking into account injuries and suspensions my team would be;- Blackman, Harriman, Stewart, Jombati, Wood ---- Gape, O'Nein, Bloomfield, Saunders ---- Akinfenwa, Cowan-Hall.
    That, I feel would be a winning team but I suspect we will stick with 4-3-3 and include Bean, DeHaviland and the Watford lad.


    Is it because there is no transfer window in the Conference - so we can recall Southwell until the end of February?

    @Right_in_the_Middle is correct that Elokobi was recalled by Colchester in November outside the Football League transfer window (but within the Conference window - as they don't have one).

  • "we can recall Southwell until the end of February "? Either he will return on 3 March on expiry of the month's loan or we can recall after 28 days in certain circumstances if it proves that one month loans are not permissible. Someone will come in shortly I expect with a definitive answer ! Sincerely hope so.

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