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Leicester sack Ranieri

Now there's gratitude.



  • Sometimes football absolutely disgusts me. This is one of those occasions. No loyalty, no backbone, no morals. If they get relegated it'll be Ranieri's fault, if they avoid relegation it'll be the brilliant decision by the board. Poor, poor stuff.

  • Hope they go down now.

  • @A_Worboys - I'm completely in agreement with you and it reflects the big money decisions that run and own football at the higher levels. The 'tycoons' in the hot seats are avaricious money men and have interest only in maintaining the investment/income stream at any cost. I'm surprised that the Kraft corporation don't own a Premiership team as they seem to fit the bill!

  • You can imagine the boardroom conversations.

    "But he won the league last year, against all odds"
    "But what has he done THIS season"

  • Sums up Everything I hate about the premier league

  • Were wwfc to get promotion this season and then be in the bottom four this time next season, how many would be arguing that it was 'time for a change'?

  • Wycombe winning promotion isn't exactly the equivalent of Leicester winning the Premier League though.

  • What would be our equivalent? perhaps an FA cup final I will say for the record in my humble opinion any Wycombe manager who achieves that would keep the job as long as he sees fit

  • This is the most extreme version of the "overachieving" setting an unrealistic benchmark ever seen.
    But I remember when Southampton sacked Adkins after he'd worked wonders, replaced him with Pochettino to widespread disbelief. Roll on half a season and any misgivings were long gone.

  • @Morris_Ital Lawrie Sanchez got us to the semi-final and lost his job. Not only were we expected to get into the second tier the following season, we were expected to do it playing like Barcelona. I'll never forget the fans forum when he seemed to be at the end of his tether, trying to explain to an unreceptive audience that he could possibly fulfil one of those objectives but not both.

  • Sanchez had two full seasons plus the start of a 3rd before he was sacked

  • Some of the characters who post on here would have had him out before christmas.

  • Sanchez:- "They (the supporters) don't have to support me but they should support the team".
    Bloody right. I just wish some of our idiot drones, especially the ones who walked past me on the way out of the soulless arena on Tuesday evening bellowing abuse at our players, would try to bear in mind the last five words of that quote.

  • 'Loyal supporters'

  • Peter Taylor won promotion and then was sacked in the following October wasn't he? No complaints about that one from me though.

  • Leicesters owners offered Ranieri "Unwavering Support " two weeks ago.. pah

  • Disgraceful. Hope they don't win another game all season.

  • I would argue that reaching the FA cup semi final was as equally as massive achievement for us and we still sacked our manager. We are not immune from the lack loyalty in football. The money men will always rule, and will always look for a return on their investment, maybe not in cash terms but in personal gains such as MBEs etc.
    I love Wycombe and football in general but the money and the dishonesty does stick in your throat somewhat. However it only reflects on business and capitalism in general. Rich bullies rule.

  • Sanchez was let go over two years after the FA Cup Semi Final. That is nowhere near the same as what Leicester have done to Ranieri.
    The Taylor example is slightly more relevant but as he promotion was achieved with a massive player budget and ended with the most horrible sealing of promotion in the history of promotions I'd argue he should have beem let go alot earlier.

    Leicester's treatment of Ranieri is disgraceful but it is nothing to do with sport. The Premier League is nothing to do with sport.

  • @Blue_since_1990 maybe not immune but I think WWFC are different in sticking with Ainsworth through some not so good times and long may that patience and support continue.

  • I agree with your view on the Taylor affair but I still believe that the massive expectations, which came as a result of our fantastic cup run, really did for Sanchez. He was a good manager and in the end he was not supported by the Board. Back to the main subject, Ranieri does not deserve the treatment handed out to him. Loyalty does not exist in football. Wenger is the only current manager defying this horrible trend, and the press and a number of sneaky board members / section of supporters, are after his blood (not a Gooner).

  • PeterP - I certainly agree regarding Ainsworth. We have sacked quite a few managers who have not gone on such long a winless run as GA. We have certainly had a rollercoaster ride under his management and I do not think any of us would have not been surprised to see him go after the second half results of last season. We stuck with him and the club deserves plaudits for that. Hopefully we will reap the rewards of our patient approach.

  • It is worth noting that this was not out of the blue, had been speculated and that the airwaves (and I presume their forums) were full of supporters calling for precisely this. This is not a case of the Board acting contrary to at least a vocal minority's wishes.

    Personally I think it is crazy though.

  • I can't think of a comparable precedent for Ranieri getting sacked. They were 5000/1 to win the title

  • Certainly not Sanchez. He had two full seasons after the cup run, and a quarter of the third. We were awful, for the most part, for the last 12 months of that.

    No one who saw us lose 5-2 at home to Oldham had any doubt it was time for him to go.

  • The Premier League did hit a new low last night and the last 7 days has seen some pretty low points.
    The board created the problem by giving players like Vardy contracts that reflected their form not their ability surely have to look at themselves first.
    The guy from Radio Leicester said this morning that the players were not happy with the tactics and his decision to remove chicken burgers from the training ground menu!!
    12 months ago the whole country (maybe not Spurs fans) wanted this Leicester team to win the league and for this guy who was making everyone smile to receive the plaudits. Today we all want them to get relegated and for the charming Italian to give them the bird as he gets a sizeable payoff. F**k you Leicester. You have poisoned what was the best story in football for years.

  • The closest Wycombe could have come is sacking O'Neill in our first season in the Second Division if we had been in the relegation zone at this point in the season.

    Or perhaps the achievement of winning the Premier League against all the odds is more similar to if O'Neill had managed to get us another back-to-back promotion to the First Division in that season, and then we sacked him for being in the relegation zone in the following season.

  • I must express an interest as a Nottinghamian and long-time Forest regular (who have had their own share of what the ****? recently) I have no great love for my East Midlands rivals, but I hope some of the underperforming old gits Ranieri was loyal to and made sure they got new contracts feel ashamed. In the past decent successful managers like the aforementioned Adkins and Chris Hughton have found themselves stitched up and shafted when Boards get a sniff of the Premier League gravy train and worry it's going to be snatched away from them...then we wonder why there are so few English managers in the top division. I think the club stuck with Gaz after Torquay through a mixture of loyalty and being skint...and we have to admit the last four seasons with all their ups and downs have been exciting for a little club in League Two. And long may it continue.

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