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  • There but for the grace of god go I - must say I have some sympathy with them given the video evidence and eye witness accounts. Why do clubs insist on penning supporters in like this?

  • Agree with you @Onlooker seems like a throwback to the way supporters were treated in the last century.

  • Saw this on my local news this morning,Gas knuckle draggers love dishing it out but squeal like little girls when the tables are turned.

  • Not all fans are the same and the 'reasonable majority' of football fans in any club will find the events in the story to be unpleasant and unnecessary. If supporters are treated in an almost Dickensian manner, then you're opening the door to the idiots that can't control themselves and inviting situations to develop. My understanding is that modern crowd security techniques focus on isolating individuals causing problems and try to avoid branding the club as a whole and responding to all supporters in an aggressive manner. Looks like an epic fail in this case (from what I can see).

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