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Paul McCarthy - RIP

Fucking hell that's terrible.



  • Desperate news. One of my absolute heroes. RIP.

  • This is shocking, and desperately sad.

    45 years old is just far too young

    My thoughts are with his friends and family. They should be proud that he gave so much joy to so many people

  • So sad. I have very fond memories of Macca, as I started following the club in his time. His role in "the" cup run was immense, especially as a centre-forward. I still see him as epitomising the never-say-die attitude which we showed that season, and indeed have on many occasions since. Really really sad.

  • I couldn't find the Wimbledon game but this is about as good as it gets as a Wycombe fan

  • Desperate news - what a player btw !!!

  • How very sad. Thoughts and prayers are with his family.

  • One of the only positives from the Alan Smith reign. A great player for the Wanderers - thoughts go to his family and friends.

  • Oh god how sad really too young

  • Oh my god, that's terrible news. An absolute hero. Far too many great memories of him to pick just one, but he was the core of that entire cup team. Shocking news. RIP.

  • Just found out about this shocking news, Macca, as many have already stated was an absoulte rock for the Chairboys, of course wrote himself into the Blues folklore with the first goal at Filbert Street. Top top man and will be sadly missed, condolences to his family RIP Macca.

  • Absolute shocker.
    Such a good guy and player for us.

    One of those reminders at the frailty of life, and not to spend so much time arguing about pointless stuff.

  • My thoughts are with Paul's family. Thanks for the memories Macca. RIP mate.

  • His goal in a 1-0 win v QPR is one of my first footballing memories.


  • him and bates had to be up there with the best pairing's

  • Good lord 45 is no age. One of the best Wycombe defenders i've seen, RIP Paul.

  • TomTom
    edited February 2017

    Very sad news. A complete Shock. RIP Macca

    One of my favorite players - him and Bates at the back were immense, and chipped in with some really important goals.

  • Gone, but never to be forgotten in the Chiltern Hills.
    So many wonderful memories.
    RIP Macca.

  • Just awful.

    So many memories from the cup run, his goal against Grimsby was historic, i can still see the net move from his goal against Leicester, but it's the equalizer at selhurst that really stands out. I remember being so shocked by it I didn't know what to do, I just jumped on my dad and started yelling. Sixteen years ago today.

  • How very sad. Reminder to all to live life to the full.

    Minutes silence or applause BEFORE the game on Saturday, I trust.

  • Desperate news. In my early years supporting Wycombe, hearing the names "Bates" and "McCarthy" being read out over the tannoy were a staple of Saturday afternoons at AP. Ever since then we've been lucky to see a string of incredible centre halves wearing the Quarters, but for me at least, it all started with those two. Thanks for the memories Macca, and RIP.

  • There's got to be a minute's silence tomorrow at Colchester. I'm sure our friends in Essex can put the rivalry aside and organise that.

  • With all the excitement we have had over recent years, and we have been spoiled there is no doubt, the game at Selhurst Park will easily feature at the top of my greatest ever games. What he was even doing up there to score only he knew, he was barely able to walk at that point.
    I went home to bed. Then got up after about 10 minutes realising that whatever was still coursing through my veins was going to prevent sleep for the foreseeable future. Instead I watch Sky Sports show the pundits celebrate every penalty and share the madness that was that night.
    At 7am I went off to work, not tired, still buzzing.
    Fans wait lifetimes to witness games like and we were blessed to have 4 (Wolves, Wimbledon home, Wimbledon away and Leicester) in one season. Great times and Paul McCarthy was at the heart of that. Tragic tragic loss.

  • Very sad news. a tremendous player for Wycombe and his performances during the 2001 cup run will never be forgotten.

  • Before my time in Bucks, but 45 is no age at all. Very sad news.

  • very sad to hear RIP one of the all time great chairboys shocking surprise

  • Very sorry to hear this - thoughts with his family and friends.
    One of my favourite ever players who was involved in many of the best memories I have following Wycombe.

  • R.I.P very sad news

  • Having just finished @Weegie's book at the weekend, Macca's been fresh in my mind again. You really cannot downplay the heroism and drama of that cup run, and Paul was absolutely central to it. Maybe the club could open a book of condolence for him to pass onto his family; I seem to remember he had quite a few kids. Would be nice for them to know their dad was so highly thought of.

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