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  • Interesting stats re Harriman - slightly unfair on him though since last season he was generally playing right midfield in front of a classy future Premiership full back. But I agree he's not (yet) found anything like the same form this season even allowing for his time out.

  • I don;t think he played that badly on Saturday...and needs game time. Hopefully Harri will come into form as other teams fade and we motor towards the automatic promotion positions. (!)

  • Having a chat with Harriman in the woodlands when he was injured he told me he has always been a right back. i thought he was better in midfield

  • Eleven players injured sounds a bit like us in early season! A few of them must be key players, surely, he said, clutching at straws.

  • Col U fan at work is bemoaning fingers crossed.

  • Yes, mine are crossed too @Wendoverman- and @micra-, as I commented to @bluntphil- at the weekend, these games seem to be getting bigger and bigger for us at present. Began supporting Wycombe in late 1993 when I moved into the area so I don't have experience of the non-league days and the intense dislike of ColU. It's always amazed me to see the change in the attitude of the Wycombe support when we've faced them through the seasons! I'm not saying it's not warranted, just that it's interesting from my perspective;)

  • @ValleyWanderer actually my Col U supporting colleague - like myself - moved to the area long after all the non-league shenannigans that fuels the I can only really throw myself full heartedly into abusing Bristol Rovers and Plymouth. Agreed about each game being a big one though...the collapse after reaching the points total last term when we had play-offs in our sights plays upon the fevered mind.

  • @Wendoverman GA's not mentioned points totals this time around so hopefully no repeat of that unfortunate collapse last season. I can (as an OAP), still cross my fingers, arms, eyes and legs but not my toes! I hope we don't need that amount of luck tonight.

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