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The Opposition View


  • No comments about "Glad I don't have to watch that football every week" or "Wycombe cheat all the time" .........I feel like I am missing out this week

  • We are wrestlers though! I thought they did plenty of that, especially in and near their box.

  • Must have been difficult to accuse us of cheating after their right back started rearranging the hoardings before taking a throw in and rightly getting booked.

  • Thought Gape was poor again. Blackman can't be blamed in any way for either goal unless you have a vendetta against him...

  • I must say in GA post comments he did say that Gape was not well perhaps, ..with that being the reason he had a bad game ...

  • Why play him if he wasn't well? We have alternatives.

  • Yes you are right Moonyman, that's down to GA .

  • Be carefully sounds like a vendetta against management!!!Never criticize just hold your hands up high in praise whatever the decision.

  • @brittanywanderer does everyone do that? The problem we have on here sometimes is that some people post things that are so ridiculously negative, so some other people feel obliged to offer an alternative view. GA is neither genius nor idiot...somewhere in between...which is where most of us expect him to be. I imagine. Everyone groaned when Paul Hayes started at Spurs and he had the game of his life...some decisions work in football...some don't. GA obviously thought Gape was his best option.

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