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why no Crewe report on WWFC site?

Apologies if it is me being a technophobe.

Even the vital report is brief.


  • I can't see one either. After the classless and crass Twitter comments post match though I'd have thought it probably best they stay clear of writing a match report.

  • @LX1 the Vital one is brief as none of our regular contributors could attend.

    I'm still looking for a wider pool of volunteers if anyone is interested in writing a couple of reports a season?

    Just drop me a direct message on here.

  • No @Chris I'd imagine Righty was referring to another comment wouldn't you?

  • I know I'm not the brightest button in the box but could someone explain what this thread is all about?

  • Thought it might be that @Vital. Your reports are much appreciated by many. I know you can't go writing match reports willy nilly.

    For anyone interested Attendance: 2,896 (169 away) plus 4? Taken from Crewe official site

  • I can't see any classless and crass twitter comments, only that entirely pleasant one. Maybe they've been deleted?

  • @micra WWFC don'the have a match report on the official site (unless it's been put on today). Vital were also unable to provide a full report due to lack of reporters. This harem scarem approach led to some of my Crewe contacts claiming poppycock which is why I asked the question.

  • There was one along the lines of 'Happy Valentine's Day to you too (referee's name)'

  • LX1LX1
    edited February 2017

    I think WWFC do an excellent job of providing information such as the venues matches are played at. Let's not criticise willy nilly and I definitely did not eat this delicious plump breasted pigeon

  • @Chris
    At least two tweets from the official account seem to have been removed. One wished the referee a Happy Valentines and another was much more negative about the penalty award than I would expect from an official feed.
    Pleased to see they've gone but they should never have been there in the first place. We can't reduce ourselves to Plymouths level.

    Seems a shame they can't be bothered to add a report to the official website though.

  • On a slightly different tangent, it's not a big thing, but does it annoy anyone else the way twitter refers to WWFC as @wwfc official? It makes it sound like the media team have won a game. Also players names. Took me ages to realise who Gary Thompson was

  • I don't like it but I guess it works on Twitter. Bigger problem when tweets get posted automatically on Facebook. Then I really struggle to work out what is being said

  • I'm blissfully ignorant of the world of Twitter (but sufficiently respectful to give it a capital 'T'). Hence, I suppose, my failure to make sense of the preceding posts.

    I read Dale Jenkins 'brief' but perfectly adequate Vital report and, together with comments on Gasroom and Facebook, I've been able to piece together a pretty comprehensive understanding of events at Gresty Road on Tuesday evening. (Alex1's reference to the number of away fans was the missing link. My concern for him is that the omission of one of the 'r's in Thommo's first name made identification so difficult.)

    Hadn't intended to chip in on this thread but found myself doing so willy-nilly.

  • @LX1, not Alex - that's Crewe.

  • Who the f is Alex?

  • Blackadder 'Coutences? '

    General Howard 'YEEEES'

    Blackadder 'Not Avranches'

    General Howard 'NOOOOOO!'

  • @LX1 What is the "plus 4" reference about? Four individuals managed to sneak in for free, or were you alluding to @micra's standard attire?

  • There was a strict dress code at Gresty Road. Orders came straight from the big knobs at the top

  • @Vital does Dale Jenkins not count as a regular contributor or did he write the match report from the highlights? If the latter you really should be making that clear!

  • @LX1 said:
    Who the f is Alex?

    And I wasn't even dictating it! - LX = Alex if you dictate the massage.

  • Is @Vital a once trustworthy organ run by volunteers dedicated to spreading truth and joy to a vast Bucks based readership now to be unmasked by vigilant Gasroomers as fake news?
    Please God....say it isn't so, Vital!!!

  • @Wendoverman Damn... unmasked.

    Can't remember the last time one of our reporters actually watched a game.

    That's nine years we've been pulling the wool over your eyes!

    We all support Oxford really.

  • @LX1 said:
    Who the f is Alex?


  • @micra this k you may have missed a bit of irony there?

  • Smokie, living next door to Alice.

  • @EwanHoosaami said:
    micra this k you may have missed a bit of irony there?

    Not at all. My exchanges with @LX1 tend to be surreal - see Bury St Edmunds thread. You never quite where they're going.

  • know where....

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