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Gareth Ainsworth charged with misconduct

Gareth has apparently been charged with use of "abusive and/or insulting words towards an official" at Crewe.

Interested to know what he is alleged to have said that was abusive or insulting, given that he stated on his post-match interview on Player that he didn't swear and had been sent off for encroaching on the pitch.


  • Yes, I've noticed at AP that he never ever swears. Oh no. Or Baz Richardson. I've never heard him berating the fourth official with words begining with F. I'm sure it was something along the lines of: 'I say referee, I would rather like to suggest you may have possibly made the wrong decision with regard to that penalty kick.'

  • I think u will find when BR speaks every other word is F***

  • Having seen the Jombati challenge, i think he's slightly overdone his protests somehow!

  • I have to say I was surprised the referee didn't send Jombati off after the final whistle for the way he was carrying on. It's a good job his team mates combined to hold him back. I think at one point there were three of them blocking his path and holding him back, but he was still trying to escape them to get to the ref.

  • The ref had had a word with Jacobson and asked him to calm Jombati down during the game, which seems like sensible refereeing.

    I know Jombati was annoyed about the decision but he really needed to accept it didn't go his way and move on.

  • I just love the fact that GA kicks every ball from the touchline and is clearly very passionate. When the eventual (inevitable?) FA fine arrives for GA, perhaps we could show our support in a similar way that the Morecambe fans did with Jim Bentley's fine? Only a thought, so don't shoot me down too aggressively.

  • I'm in as well

  • i think mr Howard can afford to bail him out

  • I think that would be a nice gesture but wasn't the morecambe gesture partly because they are in a poor finacial state and some wages have not been paid on time?

  • Am I the only one who thinks Gaz should be able to control himself in these situations? I won't be contributing to his fine.

  • @Onlooker will you be writing to Martin O'Neill demanding that Jason Cousins never plays for Wycombe ever again?

  • @colonel_splaffy Aren't Wycombe the poorest club in the whole history poor football clubs or have I missed something during the endless mentions from those at the club about how poor we are??

    On a more serious note I'll contribute to help but would have contributed more if the supposed injustice of the penalty had actually been the case. It was a soft one but it was a clumsy challenge by a player prone to doing that and getting away with it.

  • If ga is guilty then he should pay. If for no other reason he brings down the good name of the club.

  • @brittanywanderer you talking about the good name of the club has made me chuckle alot. Irony is a hard thing to get on a text platform.

  • @Onlooker , every single manager gets into trouble for this every so often.
    Like most players get booked or get red cards.

    It happens, it's not the 1930s Corinthian spirit.

    I'm more worried that Gaz and Jombati thought THIS particular decision was worthy of such rants.
    I can't see where they are coming from. They should save such histrionics for a truly scandalous decision

  • @Malone I suspect the pressure they are under to make sure our season does not end with a whimper and the four games in quick succession played a well as all of the helpful advice they are offered from the Gasroom/Facebook page on a regular basis?

  • It was an emotional end to a frustrating match. I would guess in private they regret it. Gaz will pay his fine and move on. I would suggest putting money into the share scheme

  • Ainsworth did himself no favours and i will not pay for for his tantrum. I pay into the other schemes that raise money for the club and would be p*ssed off if my money went towards his fine, my opinion might count for much but to those who want to abuse me do you give financially to the club as i do when i can afford to?

  • No problem, it was only a thought as I said. I am a share scheme and 500 club member by the way!

  • There's nothing like outrage about something that has not, as yet, happened. If that Ainsworth dares to demand I let him fix his car in my driveway, 'no Mr so called Ainsworth!' I will cry 'I buy a 50/50 ticket every week is that not enough for you???'
    I suspect Gareth will accept the fine and will not be shaking a hat near any of us any time soon!

  • Given that Gaz apparently fines players who get a yellow for dissent it would be the height of hypocrisy for the fans to pay the fine of the manager when he gets sent off for the same offence. Not that I'm suggesting he would accept the fans' money anyway. But a bad idea to even contemplate offering it, in my opinion.

  • Remember when we discussed real problems and not hypothetical ones. We could go on all night listing people who haven't asked but if they did "They won't get a penny from me"

  • edited February 2017

    It is always amusing when fans give it the big un about how it's their money paying for wages etc.

    I'd suggest that your average terrace season ticket holder probably contributes about 1/14th of say, Bayo's weekly wage.

    Maybe they should be allowed to criticise him for half a day a year...
    "I'm paying for this half day, grrr"

  • That's all very well @Malone, but how will we know which half day we are allowed to criticise him and what happens if on that day he has a really good game, can we then swap with someone else?

  • Some sort of system like in cricket, where you can have your "appeal", or in this case "criticism window", but once you've used it, it's done.

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