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The Decline of the West

Used to be some good political threads on the old Gasroom , arguably the best ones of all. Now we have been dumbed down so far that we talk about Chinese takeaways in a surrounding village! But no, this thread is not about the potential end of the American empire under Trump or the self-inflicted harm of brexit, or the alarming rise of nationalism or the fake news phenomenon that makes it acceptable for a party leader to barefaced lie about where he lives and attempt to ham-fistedly make political capital out of fictitious links to Hillsborough.

This thread is about Lg2 and a thread bemoaning the decline in Lg2 of west representation. Those exiles amongst us will recognise the feeling of excitement when the fixtures come out, when will their local games be scheduled? Will they be on a weekend or a Tuesday, will they be clumped together or reasonably spread? There was a time when there was ample material for a SW based chairboy - Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth just down the road, with Bristol, Newport and Cheltenham not too far away. Well we have lost Torquay - probably for good, Plymouth look like finally getting their act together and returning more to a level their size of support justifies, Bristol are long gone, Exeter may go if they make and win the playoffs, Newport and Cheltenham could return to the Conference where perhaps they belong. We may gain Swindon and Forest Green at a push, but perhaps we may just be left with bloody Yeovil, soulless ground , middle of nowhere, where I don't think I have ever seen a decent game of football, possibly not even a goal. Second nearest ground? Adams Park, High Wycombe - just the 225 miles away.

No real point made, no real response required, just fancied a bit of a rant. Passed the time. Enjoy your day.


  • I thought the decline of the West took place in 1992 when he was injured and never played again for the Chairboys.

  • @wingnut that Thai in Great Missenden you suggested was bang on.

  • @DevC Sorry for dumbing the gasroom down.

    I was just asking for some advice on behalf of an elderly couple who have just moved to Prestwood. Luckily some gasroomers have helped out.

  • Wasn't having a dig, Peter. I'm very fond of Prestwood as it happens. Still regard it's church as where my late Dads soul (or whether it is that us secularist agnostics can allow) remains. Indeed I nearly always visit the area on my rare visits to HW.

    Believe the Chequers was a pretty dodgy Chinese for a while but has now moved upmarket (moving down further was not an option)

  • Why don't you go on a political forum if that's what you're looking for? Seems a strange place to visit, a wwfc fans forum for a debate on politics.

  • Speaking as someone nearer the other end of the M4/M5 super highway if there is any chance Wycombe can be classified in the South East rather than the South West for cup draws and holiday fitures would be much appreciated. Seems we are in Devon almost every Christmas at some point.

  • This forum ain't big enough for both topics

  • As noted above, Righty, opportunity to spend Christmas in Devon may be about to become very limited. Old phrase about when one door closes, another opens may apply. Boxing Day 2017 in Yeovil - anticipation reaching fever pitch?

  • I live near Wycombe so on that basis alone, I'm out (of this thread!)

  • I like the Chinese takeaway thread.

  • I live in the Midlands so, with Coventry, Chesterfield and, possibly, Port Vale candidates for the drop from League One this season, the prospect of matches against those three replacing matches against Plymouth, Carlisle and, possibly, Exeter is a good one.

    I would, however, definitely take promotion to League One over remaining in League Two, regardless of whether it would mean more long-distance competitors.

  • The demise of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid generally signalled the end of the wild west.

  • If they DID actually die @mooneyman I heard they escaped to Europe and laundered their money through Plymouth Argyle...

  • Or... we could get promoted and still have Plymouth, maybe Exeter, Oxford (west of us) possibly both Bristols and maybe Swindon as well

  • @drcongo said:
    I like the Chinese takeaway thread.


  • @bookertease in which case we would be certainties for South East classification.

  • @DevC no real point made,just anot her self centred post

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