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11how many players are there on the clubs books
2 how many are capable to play
3 how. Many who do play are in their correct or favoured playing position
4 how many game's this season have the same players been picked for two consecutive games
5 why do the games take so long to finish it can't be all down to time wasting!
6 why do Wycombe seem to outscore other club's they play on amount of fouls

I expect replys from the usual suspects but there must be members of this forum who don't wear those tinted glasses who may have guessed my reasons for these Questions.


  • Surely you can find out most of this information yourself and if you are making a point I'm sorry. I've missed it.

    On question three who's deciding the players correct or favoured positions. I would say that isn't set in stone by any stretch.

  • Doesn't take long for the moaners to come out, does it? Wonder how long before the first "time for a change" calls of spring.

    We have a small squad because of financial constraints. We have had two extended cup runs. The players are knackered. Knackered players get injured.

  • @brittanywanderer for those of us not quite clever enough to work it out for ourselves, what are your reasons for these Questions?

  • Why are they knackered do they have day jobs to go to
    Sorry right-in-the-middle were they set too high? You did get me there I haddent put you in my top ten of usual suspects.

    1. quite a few
    2. all of them
    3. "correct position" doesn't really mean anything. A team is picked to win a game and in recent months we've won loads
    4. quite a lot
    5. we time waste a lot. I wish we'd cut it out
    6. I've no idea whether this is true or not. You'd have to provide some data to back up what you have already admitted is your perception
  • We have a small squad. We've had a lot of games recently. We play a pretty high intensity game as a rule. Put that together and is it surprising we have tired players who then get injuries? We're doing pretty well last time I looked. We've had a bit of a blip. It happens. What's your point?

  • It's not only physical tiredness, the psychological/mental impact of the cup run and the consequently intense league program will take it's toll. GA works wonders in this area but there will be limits that even he can't push them beyond.

  • The argument that footballers shouldn't be tired playing two games a week is a really difficut one to argue with people who can't even see it as a vague possibility.

    I've always argued that top class sports people need to perform near 100% whereas the average manual worker can get by at 70% or even less for the odd day. This always gets shot down by those who do these jobs.

    IF that was the point of the six questions @brittanywanderer you went a long way around the houses. It pretty obvious the players are either tired or playing with knocks from the tough games over the last couple of weeks. Kashket and Bayo are obvious examples of this.

  • Fuck me, you'd think we're in a relegation battle judging from Brittany Wanderers' posts.

    I'm not sure what laboured point you're trying to make old boy, but as per usual it's clearly some kind of attempt to portray the club as some shambolic mess with little application or talent.

    Just to remind you and give you a modicum of perspective:

    • We've reached the FA cup fourth round, beating a League One side 5-0 on the way, with a very credible and attacking performance when we bowed out to top Premier League opposition. The only other League 2 club that managed to reach that stage was Accrington, who couldn't score against Middlesborough.

    • We've reached the semi-final of the EFL Trophy, dispatching League One opposition comfortably on the way. To reach the semi-final meant we performed better than almost all League One and League Two teams (as well as the academies).

    • We are 8th in the League with a game in hand. If we win it, we could go 5th (or even
      4th depending on how tonight's results go). Hardly a shambolic season is it?

    Get a grip, you hysterical muppet.

  • @brittanywanderer needs to talk to @rmjlondon I think he has all the club facts and figures.

  • As for 5) 5) Jury is out...either the watches are all amateur (which is a disgrace even at this level!) or the Illuminati support Luton.

  • We always seem to start late at home. Is this more mind games or is the clock in the tunnel area just slow?

  • Must be the clock - even at Spurs finished at a respectable time, i.e. Not well after 5pm.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle Yes, I'd noticed that. Its not unusual for the teams to start to wander out of the tunnel at 1 minute to 3, which makes a KO time of 3 impossible. It has to be a deliberate ploy the amount of times it happens

  • @ValleyWanderer I agree that the mental tiredness is probably as important as the physical side. Effectively, the season peaked at WHL for the players, with the Wembley final off the agenda now. There is the prospect of a Wembley play-off final, but there are too many variables for that to seem a likelihood I would have thought at the moment. Last season's decline can pretty much be traced back to losing to Villa as well.

    Still, hopefully we've learnt some lessons from that and a full week on the training ground (rather than the disruption of midweek fixtures - much as I like them from a supporters perspective) when it comes should hopefully be enough to get as back into our stride. Unfortunately I think its fingers crossed for scraping a few points where we can!

  • Obviously hope its better than this, but would a season with the two cup runs, flirting with playoffs for a substantial chunk, finishing say 12th with the off-field financial bonus from cup runs and Ibe money offering potential for future improvement not objectively be regarded as a success?

  • If you remove all context and emotion and feeling for the nuances of the game, then yes

    Or in other words, you would think yes

  • are we talking 'Wycombe time' @bookertease?

  • To be fair we've lost a few games this season...and not every player has scored a goal. Obviously something needs to be done.

  • @Wendoverman said:
    To be fair we've lost a few games this season...and not every player has scored a goal. Obviously something needs to be done.

    Whilst acknowledging such nice irony it is pretty remarkable that 19 of our small squad (over 70%') have scored this season. A pity, you could argue, that a few of them have not added one or two more to their tally.

    I note that the referee tonight is Graham Salisbury's son. Let's hope he has a better game than dad did against Portsmouth.
    Difficult to predict the chances of that without the benefit of @rmjlondon's knowledge and wisdom.

  • @micra an interesting and welcome stat indeed. You're right though without the insider knowledge we have been exposed to in the past, we can only guess at what might be happening behind the scenes and hope for a series of good results. (Same scoreline for us from Salisbury Junior would do me!)

  • Slight concern is his readiness to dish out the red cards (8 in 23 matches) in contrast to dad's seeming reluctance.

  • Fingers crossed. Then again, one man's red card is another's chance to rest a hamstring injury. Crewe will be on a roll and hoping for a revenge for our AP a point would be a good result there I suspect.

  • Definitely.

  • Crewe will be on a roll? They've won once in 9 games. Granted it was a big win but even if they beat us tonight I wouldnt call 2 wins a good run of results.

  • @TheDancingYak fair enough it two wins in a row if you want. No-one will argue.

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