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Interesting couple of weeks to come

Saturday was clearly a REALLY disappointing performance and result but not something we should dwell on too much. However I do see that GA has some challenges now with the squad. 4-3-3 has been his go to formation for a few weeks now and really successfully, but have we been found out now with that shape? Is Saunders suited for 4-3-3? PCH was really effective as one of the 3 so does he automatically get his spot back, if so in favour of who? The midfield 3 of Gape, O'Nien and Wood are excellent when they have the energy but what is plan b when they don't? The diamond on Saturday was clearly not much good. No idea how long Weston is out for but if he is back quickly then that is another player that surely deserves to be given a chance now. Is 4-4-2 the solution?
Defeat tomorrow might make GA start to question his formations and see a period of tinkering like we had at the start of the season. That didn't work out so well.


  • I think we may well already be in the 'tinkering period' if GA's comments in his post match interview on Chairboys Player are anything to go by.

  • TBF we had a lot of injuries at the start of the season. Pretty sure Weston, PCH, Hayes& Bloomfield will be missing whilst recovering from their latest injuries. Bean looked a mile off the pace on Tuesday, (possibly the worst I have seen from him & that took some doing), Southwell out on loan, Freeman appears to be right out of favour, (too much in the McGinn mould) & probably won't be match fit. Bayo looked leggy, understandably. Jakubiak still not Wycomised, Thompson blowing hot and cold during the whole of the current campaign, suddenly we look a bit like the team that started the season. I appreciate that we have added Gape & Saunders, Kashket going a little bit milky on the heavy pitches, I am struggling to see the positivity.

    Think I need a pep talk from Gareth!

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